A Greener View: Early Pumpkins – Jeff Rugg

Many orange pumpkins are lined up in a field.

by Jeff Rugg, contributing writer Q: We started seeing pumpkins for sale at the end of August. That is two months too early as far as I am concerned. I want to buy a couple so I can use them for pies and pumpkin bread at Thanksgiving. How long can these early pumpkins be stored?…

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We Cook! Red Stripe’s Fried Shrimp – Chef Joe Peticca

Delicious fried shrimp recipe served on a white plate with a tantalizing dipping sauce.

Red Stripe’s Fried Shrimp Savor the irresistible flavors of Red Stripe’s Fried Shrimp at home! Each succulent shrimp is enveloped in a crispy, seasoned breading, delivering a harmonious balance of smokiness and spices that make this dish any seafood lover’s delight. Whether enjoyed as a specialty appetizer or a satisfying main course, Red Stripe’s Fried…

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Rhode Island Weather for September 28, 2023 – John Donnelly

A map showing the weather in Rhode Island.

by John Donnelly, meteorologist High pressure retreats just a bit to the northeast as low pressure develops over the southeastern US and sends some clouds and showers over the western part of New England later in the day, eventually reaching us overnight. Morning lows in the upper 40’s war to the upper 60’s with an…

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Relief for winter heating costs for Rhode Islanders – apply, renew now

A cup of coffee and a book on a window sill.

Governor Dan McKee and the Office of Energy Resources (OER) announced programs to provide relief on winter heating costs for Rhode Islanders following a Public Utilities Commission (PUC) vote on winter electric rates.  $3 million in funding will be available for direct rate relief to low-income Rhode Island residents for the upcoming winter season. Additionally,…

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It’s Sour Grapes times! – Tim Jones

A comics of a dog sitting in a chair and saying,'what are you doing?'.

by Timothy Jones, cartoonist ___ Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, Tim lives with his wife and two daughters in Smithfield, RI. He is a cartoonist, freelance illustrator, author and comedian. He is also a member of the National Cartoonist Society and the Mid-South Cartoonist Association. He teaches cartooning, speaks at local schools and libraries and appears…

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Johnston’s War Memorial Park opens its arms to an exiled Columbus

A Columbus statue in a park.

Yesterday, the controversial statue of Christopher Columbus found its final resting spot at the Johnston War Memorial Park, a park that has more war memorials than any other park in the state. It was moved into position in the early morning, from a storage facility at Johnston DPW. There ends the journey for Columbus, who…

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Ron & Jen’s Great Escape, Sept. 27, 2023 – Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien

A man and woman posing with their dog on a porch.

by Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien, commentary BAD PARENTS = BAD KIDS There seems to be an epidemic these days where parents defend horrible behavior coming from their kids. Could be bullying. Maybe crime, in general. Could be drugs, or sexual situations. Could be disrespect, theft, or even in some cases, MURDER.  WHAT is…

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