Living in the light, without the lime – Brendan Higgins

A group of women posing for a photo in front of a sign.

by Brendan Higgins, contributing writer Photo, top: West Bay YMCA Run Club There is a certain vibe I get from a significant number of people I encounter these days. The feeling is the world changed – and not for the better. So many feel we live in troubled times with impending doom on the horizon.…

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Your RI Weather Today, Jan. 31, 2022 – John Donnelly

A map showing the weather in new hampshire.

by John Donnelly, meteorologist Cold air settles in after whatever incoming solar radiation was rejected by the snow covered ground like soup with a hair in it in your favorite restaurant. Morning lows in the single digits followed by afternoon highs in the upper 20’s with a light southerly breeze under mostly clear skies, maybe…

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Catholic School Week – interest high into parochial schools

The logo for catholic schools faith excellence service.

Catholic Schools Week starts today and runs, as scheduled now, until February 5. Given the weather situation, dates and times may change of already scheduled open houses and events, some of which are today. If you’ve wondered about a Catholic school education, this could be the time to take a look. With the pandemic, there…

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In the Arena – Joe Paolino, Jr. interviews Gov. Dan McKee

A man in a suit and tie is sitting in a room.

Weekly, Joe Paolino, Jr. interviews interesting people in Rhode Island. Here is his interview this week with Gov. Dan McKee, who will be running for re-election. They talk about issues in Rhode Island, COVID, Dr Scott’s leaving, the new interim director, Dr. McDonald, and the restructure of the department. They also talk about the proposed…

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Gimme’ Shelter – Rodeo needs a home

A tabby cat laying on a blanket looking at the camera.

Howdy, I’m Rodeo! My friends tell me I look a whole lot like “Willow”, the new White House cat – what do you think? I am about 2 to 3 years old and I was left behind when my folks moved out, which wasn’t very nice. When I was neutered, I was tested for FIV…

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Your RI Weather Today, Jan. 30, 2022 – John Donnelly

A map showing the current weather conditions in massachusetts.

by John Donnelly, meteorologist A clear and calm day to regroup and clean up, watch the plows navigate the speed bumps, let the chips fall where they may. Morning and evening lows in the single digits bookending an afternoon high in the low 20’s under clear skies and a much less taxing westerly breeze less…

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The Owl – a short story by Michael Fine

Barred owl sitting on a fence in black and white.

By Michael Fine © Michael Fine 2021 A man got up. “See-ya Thursday,” he mumbled, his eyes half closed from a night of drinking, his speech slurred.  He stumbled, almost knocking over his chair. and staggered out the door.  There was a blast of cold wind. An old man was left alone in the tavern,…

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