Jul 15 2024

The little place on Earth where hope lives – Michael Morse

by Michael Morse, contributing writer, commentary In a country of 335,000,000 people there will be a lot of "crazy" ones. ...
jen brien commentary

Jul 10 2024

It is what it is – Jen Brien

by Jen Brien, contributing writer, commentary THE SOUP! "THIS HEAT! OH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS HEAT"!  This made ...

Jul 9 2024

Cover design of The Economist weaponizes disability

Commentary It's not the physical issues - not the halting gait or the occasional slip and falls, or even tumbles. ...

Jul 7 2024

Jack’s Angle: Bring a pen with you on election day, Nov. 6, 2024 – John J. “Jack” Partridge

by John J. "Jack" Partridge, contributing writer, commentary Do not give up on voting in the presidential election, even if ...

Jul 6 2024

Bike Lanes in RI: Northampton’s “bizarre new bike lanes” where bike lanes mean business

Photo from public report, "Bike Lanes Mean Business", Northampton, MA The town of Northampton, Massachusetts has been undergoing almost continuous ...

Jul 5 2024

Fourth of July in Providence – David Brussat

by David Brussat, Architecture Here and There, contributing writer on architecture and more As a blogger, I am remiss in ...
An older man smiling in front of a brick wall.

Jul 5 2024

Jack’s Angle: The Ossification of American political parties – John J. “Jack” Partridge

by John J. "Jack" Partridge, contributing writer, commentary THE Ossification of American political parties and Presidential politics The recent presidential ...
american flag

Jul 4 2024

Independence Day and the American flag, our great unifier. (video) – Ray Rickman

by Nancy Thomas & Ray Rickman On this Independence Day, July 4, 2024, we feel the need for unification and ...
jen brien commentary

Jul 3 2024

It is what it is – Jen Brien

by Jennifer Brien, contributing writer, commentary AMERICA 2024 Well gang, here we are... hard to believe it's already July 4th! ...
nursing home

Jul 1 2024

Rhode Island nursing home bill veto response – Herb Weiss

By Herb Weiss, contributing writer on aging issues With the adjourning of the General Assembly on the early morning of ...