Ann Clanton




Nov 15 2020

RI says goodbye to Joe Fowlkes

by Ann Clanton, Contributing Writer - "Speak Up" When Joe Fowlkes, past president of the NAACP died this month, the ...

Nov 14 2020

“Above all else, call me an educator,” Lorén Spears – by Ann Clanton

By Ann Clanton, Contributing Writer, “Speak Up” Notable author and curator of the National Museum of the American Indian, Paul ...

Oct 29 2020

1st Columbian Candidate in US, Jorge Porras, eyes RI State House

by Ann Clanton, Contributing Writer, "Speak-Up" The Latin communities face particularly challenging issues: racial profiling by law enforcement, gentrification and ...

Oct 20 2020

To be Black and conservative in a blue state

by Ann Clanton, Contributing Writer, “Speak Up” If Republican financial advisor, Allen Waters, overcomes the insurmountable odds and beats U.S. ...

Oct 8 2020

Senora Secretaria: Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

by Ann Clanton - Contributing Writer, "Speak Up" The fastest growing group in the United States are Hispanics. They are ...

Sep 27 2020

Keeper of a vision….Cedric Huntley, Non-Violence Institute

Photo: Cedric Huntley, interim Executive Director, Non-Violence Institute, Providence By Ann Clanton, Contributing Writer - "Speak Up" The recent stabbing ...

Sep 9 2020

If it’s Wednesday – it’s Sour Grapes!

by Tim Jones, cartoonist _______________ Tim Jones is the creator, artist and writer of the widely popular, self-syndicated comic strip, ...