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Burn with Kearns: Diets don’t work? – Kevin Kearns

by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer

Why diet don’t work? Just look at the first 3 letters in the word – D-I-E.

I have now been involved in the fitness and nutrition business for 3 decades.  I have been exercising for 40 years now. I will tell you 4 things about me and my company.

  1. I don’t know everything. I learn every day.
  2. I will never claim to know everything
  3. You will never do something I have not done on myself.
  4. I will not endorse anything unless I use it and personally believe in it!

On my father’s grave, my word is my bond! I have seen diets come and go for 40 years now. It is the biggest BS I have ever seen in my life. Anyone can lose the weight you want to. The key is to lose fat and preserve muscle tissue. The only way to do that is to move more and eat less. As westerners we concentrate on the scale versus how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally.  How we feel in our clothes, how we feel in our skin.  We have made the connection that fat and obese equals ugly and gross. Really?  Eating and food are the easiest addictions on the planet. You don’t need an ID. It’s not illegal. You can’t catch a disease from it. The only person you are hurting is you and ultimately your loved ones.

One of the number of problems in the western culture is sugar. Mostly white table sugar and alike. We consume too much of it – and that’s a fact. Go shopping and check people’s shopping carts, or even your own fridge, and you will see junk! Own it! You have never unconsciously eaten anything have you? No, you have not!  Take personal responsibility now. Sure, you will lose weight on a diet short term. Only 3 to 7 percent keep the weight off for over 7 years! Fact!  That’s what we call  a recurring revenue stream. This is why diets don’t work long-term. You need a permanent lifestyle change. You have to make a decision to change your mindset.  I don’t care how many times you have tried and failed. Get up, get on with it, and get over it! Stop complaining and start training! You want to train Your body, your mind, your heart, your soul and your integrity. Yes, your integrity! Stop blaming your situation, your past, your parents or whatever. You choose to eat that pie. You choose to eat at McDonalds. You choose! Face the facts! You want to be an eagle warrior or duck quacking in the pond of crap. Eagles soar, ducks waddle and quack all day! 

So, believe it and see it!  Set short term milestones.  Break your fat loss into manageable pieces. The journey to greatness starts with the first step! Take the step. Put fear and the past aside. Move forward and don’t look back. Own it, forgive yourself, and make a plan today!

I know you can do it! I believe in you; do you believe in you? Here’s your plan to start.

If you think it will be hard, it will be. If you think it will suck, it will.

  1. Change your mindset. Make a deal that you are relentless in this pursuit for feeling and looking the way you want to look. Say it – “I am unstoppable!”
  2. I wish to be an eagle and I will soar…
  3. I will get up earlier and exercise daily. I don’t care what it is, pick and try things you might like. Stop worrying about what people say or think. You are the author of your own story.
  4. Eat healthy, throw out the junk, stop eating out so much, learn how to cook. Make time, not excuses. We are in the information age – you can easily learn how to cook.
  5. Cut out toxic everything in your life – people, food, work and that includes family. Focus on you; be self-centered for what you want.
  6. Portion control. Take clean your plate, for instance – save the leftovers for the next day!
  7. Here’s how you eat, same amount of protein as there is quality carbs (brown rice, baked potatoes, beans, fresh fruit, fresh veggies) and quality fats (olive oil, plain nuts, seeds, avocado, etc.)
  8. Eliminate yeast in your diet. Yes, yeast is in everything!  Bread, beer, wine, pasta, soy sauce etc.) Your bloating is most likely yeast. I like bread, so I get brown rice bread with no yeast.
  9. Rotating taxonomy nutrition plan. What does that mean? Eat differently every day. Change it up. There is no such thing as breakfast food. You can catch me eating fish, buffalo, or turkey for breakfast. It’s simple – same serving of protein, same serving of good carbs and veggies unlimited! They are free!
  10. Be committed and consistent in your food intake, your exercise plan, and your mindset daily.  Sleep 1 hour less a day and spend it on your mind body and spirit. I get up between 3:30 am and 4 am every morning. It’s your best time to establish goals for the day, week and reflect on your accomplishments.  High 5 yourself and get hustling. You are special and you have gifts to give. So, give them!
  11. Instead of coffee, go for fruit. They have done studies on an apple vs a cup of coffee and the reaction in your body and brain is the same. However, there is no caffeine crash.
  12. Eliminate white flour, white sugar, yeast, candy, ice cream, booze, and everything that makes you sick. You know what that is.
  13. Read, listen and learn more. Turn the TV and news off. How many hours do you watch TV?  2, 3, or 4 hours to relax. It’s all junk. Go on and take a course on cooking, filming, and etc.
  14. Eat when you are hungry and only then. Don’t follow a time schedule – its garbage. We had no clocks when we were out in the wild.
  15. Get out of your comfort zone . Do what challenges you daily!  That’s where the growth is.
  16. Exercise more and eat less – it’s that simple. Stick to interval type of training that will elicit the right fat loss. Remember on food – garbage in garbage out. You are what you eat, and you are what you think about.

So, to close

Choose a lifestyle plan vs diet

Choose a different attitude

Choose to save yourself because you are worth it

Choose people that prop you up

Choose something you like to do and experiment

Choose to start after reading this today

Throw out the popular diets – Keto, Atkins, and blah blah. They are diets and the first 3 letters are DIE. You die eating. You can love food, just love the food that is good for you. You are stronger than you think you are.


OSU Coach Kearns

Enjoy! Coach Kearns!

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Coach Kevin Kearns has been coaching in the world of fitness, nutrition, and tactical self defense for over 3 decades. As the former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pro Fighters, and ranked in the Top 5 in the UFC , he is no stranger to the the importance of proper nutrition and proper mindset programming. He has long advocated to all his clients – athletes or the general population – about the importance of programming mind, body and spirit. 

Coach Kevin Kearns BS FMS CPT – Former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pros Ranked in Top 5 by the UFC Personal Fitness Coach, Author, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Youth Wellness Program Provider, Certification Specialist, Personal Self Defense, and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Specialist

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