In the Arena – Pat Cortellessa, candidate for Secretary of State

A man in a blue shirt standing in a room.

Each week Joe Paolino, Jr. interviews leaders in Rhode Island. This week he talks with RI Republican candidate Pat Cortelessa, who is running for RI Secretary of State: Cortellessa talks about his qualifications and ideas about being Secretary of State, including more active programs to help people access historical references about Rhode Island, veterans services,…

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RI Weather for September 25, 2022 – John Donnelly

A map showing the sunday weather in new hampshire.

by John Donnelly, meteorologist A nice start with clear skies and dry air gradually deteriorates with increasing cloud cover and the eventual commencement of some light rain showers later in the day and evening as a warm front approaches from the west. Morning lows in the low 50’s rise to the upper 60’s in the…

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The Shabbos Goy – a short story by Michael Fine

A golden star of david on a metal gate.

By Michael Fine, contributing writer Copyright © 2022 Michael Fine This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. ___ It was…

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Value of the Book – at Weaver Library with Ray Rickman

A man wearing glasses and a bow tie.

In an Antiques Roadshow-type format, Ray Rickman will hold one of his popular events, “Value of the Book” on Monday, September 26th at 6pm at the Weaver Library, 41 Grove Ave, in East Providence. The event will cover what makes a book valuable, what type of book has the highest retail value, and will offer…

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Burn with Kearns: Suspension Training on Steroids – Kevin Kearns

A fit man in a black t-shirt smiling.

By Kevin Kearns You have to love the personal training and coaching community. They come out with a great product like the TRX. Then fitness people play around with it and come up with something like the Air Fit from Purmotion. Then someone really takes a leap and combines 2 fitness products together. This  someone…

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Morris Nathanson, R.I.P. – David Brussat

An old black and white drawing of a city.

by David Brussat, Architecture Here and There – contributing writer (Editor’s Note: Brussat submits this testimony on the morning of Nathanson’s funeral) This is a sad moment for Pawtucket and the rest of Rhode Island, and a sad one for me. A tear runs down my cheek. We have lost one of the most influential…

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RI Weekend Weather for September 24/25, 2022 – John Donnelly

Saturday weather in new hampshire.

by John Donnelly, meteorologist Saturday 9/24/22: High pressure keeps things clear and dry through the day, with breezes still high as Tropical Storm Fiona pinwheels over the Canadian Maritimes and maintains the pressure difference with the high pressure. Resulting winds gusting out of the northwest to around 30 mph.Morning lows in the chilly mid 40’s…

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Michael S. Van Leesten Memorial Bridge Dedication

Michael s van lester memorial bridge.

The Michael S. Van Leesten Memorial Bridge Dedication ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 25th from noon to 2pm. The Van Leesten family and friends will honor the life and legacy of Michael S. Van Leesten at the DEDICATION CEREMONY, to be emceed by Lenny Cabral. Michael S. Van LeestenCivil rights advocate, community leader,…

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