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Burn with Kearns: Time to be your own bodyguard (video)- Kevin Kearns

by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer, exercise and fitness

Recently, I have been in the company of a lot of real estate brokers in New England. There are 1.5 million realtors in the US. Most of which are female. I never realized until talking to them and working with them how vulnerable they really are when they have a showing for a home.

The epitome of that is what happened to a female broker three years ago in Barrington, Rhode Island. She came to a location to show a home and, unfortunately, the prospective buyer murdered her. 

Thanks to Emilio Esperia and Joe Fazio from Engel and Volkers, we came up with the concept, giving my background in martial arts for the past four decades, of holding a workshop on how to be your own bodyguard – specifically for real estate brokers.

We successfully ran this workshop for Engel & Volkers in East Greenwich two weeks ago. Then I was able to go to an expo event in Worcester with my friend, Kenny Olson, and meet and talk with, and work with, 350 realtors to hear their concerns on personal protection.

This program from Burn with Kearns is designed to be easily digestible and practical.

Here are two videos to give you an idea of our approach:

A Blend of the best of Martial Arts

The system is a blend of many martial arts – Muay Thai, Filipino kali, jiu-jitsu, grappling, old-school kung fu and green World War II ”Close Quarter combat”. I’ve taken the best from what my teachers have taught me and put it into a system that realtors can work with, effectively and easily.

We start with a workshop at their location. Then, if they want, we can continue with regular classes once or twice a month, either at their location or via the web. 

Our approach is simple. We want an effective efficient, real-world program.

We have some rules we go by for the realtors, common to when I teach at domestic violence shelters.

In a self-defense situation:

Rule number one. Forget about being nice. Why? They have ill intentions.

Rule number two. Use your brain, your mouth, and your legs, to get out of danger.

Rule number three. When they break the 6-foot barrier, it’s GO-time.

These simple rules could save your life.

One of the other big concepts, we instruct realtors that when you get a prospective buyer, treat them like a potential date. Do a little research before meeting them. I know it sounds funny, but if you were going on a date with someone from an app, wouldn’t you plug in the name in Google and make sure they are who they say they are? Or, check their phone number.

The next thing we did was to stress to them to trust their instinct – if it doesn’t feel right, leave the situation.

The next thing? Don’t discount anything. What that means is, if you start seeing red flags, don’t brush them off. These type of people want to hurt you. They are classic and well-versed manipulators. That’s what they do!

When with them always keep your eyes on the prospective buyer. Maintain eye contact as much as possible.

Lastly, there’s a simple self-defense weapon you can carry with you. It’s completely innocuous, portable, and is very effective when needed in a self-defense situation. I’ve traveled the globe with this in foreign countries, gotten on planes, no one would think twice about it.

Do you know what it is?

A small handheld, tactical flashlight, similar to the same ones, military, and law enforcement carry.

This item that could save your life, and costs all of $9 to $20. And, it is completely portable. We teach you how to use this as an effective self-defense weapon in many situations with real world techniques.

Also, our workshops and classes are quite the work out as well!

My mission is to help everybody feel confident and safe in most situations, if not all! That is my mission.

Ask yourself – do you want to be the victim or victor? I think you want the latter.

For more information on our workshops, classes and seminars. I can be reached at [email protected]  or 508-404-8503  Yes, I answer my phone; why else do I have one?)

Some photos from our last classs:

Holiday Shopping?

Don’t know what to give to the lady in your life? (We teach men, too) – Give the gift of health, wellness, longevity – and strength and self-defense.

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