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Burn with Kearns: Simply aging or seasoned athlete – Kevin Kearns

by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer on exercise and fitness

Are we simply aging, or are we evolving into seasoned athletes? Personally, I prefer the latter perspective, as I believe age is more about mindset than mere years passing by. Often, we hear phrases like “you’re getting old” tossed around, as if it’s a negative thing. But let’s face it, whether you’re five or fifty-five, the clock keeps ticking, and we’re all getting older.

Yet, I find the notion of “getting old” somewhat insulting. That’s why when clients express concerns about their age hindering their abilities, I reframe it and say they’re becoming more seasoned. Initially, this may garner puzzled looks, but I explain that with age comes experience, and that experience adds layers of resilience and wisdom to face life’s challenges.

Staying fit and active isn’t effortless; it requires discipline and dedication. Every workout, every healthy meal choice, every early bedtime—it’s a conscious effort towards self-improvement. These are aspects we can control, setting ourselves up for success both physically and mentally.

Feeling accomplished after a challenging workout is incomparable. It’s a testament to our seasoned mindset, recognizing the value of nurturing our bodies and minds. And the satisfaction of looking back at a week filled with consistent workouts is immeasurable, knowing that we’ve surpassed the norms and invested in our well-being. Now get man wrong I very close client years ago taught me something in my late 30 ‘s . He was in his 70’s and use to workout with me 3 x a week. This included Burn With Kearns functional training circuits as well as boxing for 3-5 rounds. My client David was 72 at the time!  He taught me “ what is moderation at 30 is different than 40 , what is moderation at 40 is different than 50 and so on ….” This to me was a very valuable lesson. Now by now means do I think should not challenge ourselves both physically and especially mentally as the clock keeps ticking. If we don’t challenge ourselves regularly especially mentally life to me will get stale. We all seek comfort. Unfortunately life most times is not comfortable. It was never made to be 68 degrees and sunny every day . So why not challenge yourself on a regular basis both mentally and physically? For me I gain a lot from all my disciplines that I work

on daily. Whether it’s a Burn With Kearns circuit workout , martial arts or yoga , I always find a new way to “best myself”.      It’s ok to have a little fear of an activity but have no doubt in trying something new. !6 years ago I used to call yoga “ yogurt “ I never thought I would be in a yoga class 3 -4 x a week and looking to get my 200 hour certification. 44 years ago when I walked into my first martial arts school , I remember being that scared kid who got picked on and sucked at most sports. Now anytime a new martial arts teacher comes across my path I’m willing to try and learn  more. So keep trying new things daily and here is a different type of workout for you .

So, when someone remarks, “You look good for your age,” I graciously accept the compliment, acknowledging that it’s my seasoned approach to life that propels me forward. Age is just a number, but our seasoned resilience knows no bounds.

Be Relentless

Coach Kearns


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Coach Kevin Kearns has been coaching in the world of fitness, nutrition, and tactical self defense for over 3 decades. As the former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pro Fighters, and ranked in the Top 5 in the UFC , he is no stranger to the the importance of proper nutrition and proper mindset programming. He has long advocated to all his clients – athletes or the general population – about the importance of programming mind, body and spirit. Coach Kevin Kearns BS FMS CPT – Former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pros Ranked in Top 5 by the UFC Personal Fitness Coach, Author, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Youth Wellness Program Provider, Certification Specialist, Personal Self Defense, and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Specialist.

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