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In The News… summary for February 10, 2024


Two-time Chopped champion, Eli Dunn and his fiancée and business partner, Rachel Lopes-Almeida, will open a Portuguese-inspired care in Bristol – Folklore Provisions.

The 41 Brown students arrested for illegally demonstrating will be arraigned Feb. 12 & 14

A group of Brown students called Hunger Strike for Palestine say they will do a hunger strike until Feb. 9th – to demand divestment – if nothing happens, they will “try something else”

Johnston emergency road to houses stranded in flooding was closed last weekend

Newton, MA teacher strike settled

Steward hospital chain says it has enough money to keep hospitals open while looking for a buyer

10% of the staff at the deCordova Museum were laid off – amounts to 3 people

Harvard Book Store decides not to open a 2nd store at the Prudential Center

WeWork has closed its Back Bay Boston office

Providence will induct 3 people into the 21st annual MLK Hall of Fame – Chief Judge Frank Caprio, Derek Earl Hazard Jr. and Helen Baskerville-Dukes

Nellie Gorbea is moving to Puerto Rico to head up a green energy group – also now going by Nellie Gorbea-Diaz

This year, Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day – the new Bishop of Providence, Henning says Catholics should prioritize Ash Wednesday and find another day to celebrate Valentine’s Day

New Forever Stamp issued by USPS which also recognizes Lunar New Year – the Year of the Dragon. Designed for the second year in a row by RISD grad Camille Chew

Uncle Tony’s in Warwick has permanently closed.

Brown Univ applications are down 5% this year

RIDOT estimates $860K has been spent on the Washington Bridge so far.

Arooga’s in Attleboro will close.

Warwick Airport has moved its cell phone lot with 35 spaces on Post Rd, to inside the airport with over 50 spots

Lane restrictions will begin on the Mount Hope Bridge on March 11. Traffic on the bridge will be restricted to one lane between 9 am and 3 pm Monday through Thursday and 9 am and 1 pm on Fridays. Anticipated to end in May.

Two Newport restaurants have made Open Table’s list of Most Romantic RestaurantsChanterelle (formerly named Bouchard’s Restaurant and Inn) and the White Horse Tavern.

RI Attorney General Peter F. Neronha has deemed the application for the proposed merger of Rhode Island PBS Foundation and The Public’s Radio complete.

University Orthopedics is opening the Comprehensive Spasticity Management Clinic for patients suffering from spasticity – a debilitating condition that can be the result of stroke, MS, or other neurological conditions – have historically been underserved in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, often having to travel far from home to receive vital treatment.

Pop Up supper club returns to Castle Hill Inn

RI Board of Elections unanimously voted to offer Miguel Nunez, the state’s deputy elections director, the executive director job

Massachusetts Gaming Commission will study sex trafficking in local casinos

URI considers 3.5% tuition increase for in-state and out-of-state students

Bayberry Beer in Providence to close

RIDOT has a Dashboard up and running to estimate travel times on I-195 – it is running in real time – here:

A Johnston resident killed a coyote who attacked them off Byfeld Road – this incident followed another in Scituate where a dog walker was attacked by a coyote. The RIDEM released these tips for anyone coming in contact with a coyote:

  • Be as big and loud as possible. Do not run or turn your back.
  • Wave your arms, clap your hands, and shout in an authoritative voice.
  • Make noise by banging pots and pans or using an air horn or whistle. The sounds also can alert the neighbors.
  • Throw small stones, sticks, tennis balls, or anything else you can lay your hands on. Remember: the intent is to scare and not to injure.
  • Shake or throw a “coyote shaker” – a soda can filled with nuts and bolts, pennies, or pebbles and sealed with duct tape.



The robot that toured the NYC subway is no more and is now in storage. It weighed 400 lbs – couldn’t climb stairs and people liked to abuse it, and it needed a police officer chaperone. It spent most of its time plugged into a charging station with people taking selfies with it.

2.2 Million Teslas recalled to change the font size on the control panel

Wall Street Journal laid off 20 staffers in D.C. offices

Pres. Biden refused an interview on CBS just prior to SuperBowl, 2nd year he has done this

5.1 earthquake hit Oklahoma this past week – no damages or injuries reported

Disastrous flooding from rain in California

King Charles discloses he has cancer, not prostate cancer, that was identified during his prostate enlargement procedure. He has begun treatment in an outpatient clinic.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel will resign

Nevada which runs a primary and a caucus had their Republican primary. “None of these candidates” won with 60% of the vote. Nikki Haley took 23%. Donald Trump did not appear on the primary ballot. A caucus with him on it will now take place.

Annette Bening named woman of the year by Harvard Theater group

Mother of school shooter convicted of manslaughter for failure to get her child help when she knew he was at risk

Homeland Security Mayorkas does not get impeached, though  there may be a second attempt

Border deal in Congress does not pass

ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros will launch a sports streaming app

Amazon, Walmart and Target ban the selling of “water beads” and “water bead guns” due to their danger to children

All 5 Marines aboard the downed helicopter are confirmed deceased

Scotland to increase price of alcohol by 30% to address alcohol-related problems

A new, higher-dose nasal spray for reversing opioid overdoses did not save more lives than the previous standard dose, but it did cause more vomiting and other side effects

Alicia Keyes rumored to be the surprise guest of Usher at the SuperBowl half time

OJ Simpson diagnosed with prostate cancer

In India, Muslim buildings and relics are being destroyed as Hinduism is being promoted as one-nation identity

Earthquakes were recorded in California and Hawaii

Iceland’s volcano continues to erupt in different locations, with lava flows destroying parts of cities and infrastructure

Rafah is being evacuated prior to Israeli offensive there

National Correspondents Dinner and roast will be held on April 27th with Colin Jost, of SNL

Pres. Biden addressed the nation after the report on his storage of confidential records was released – with one misspeak and a shouting media scrum, it was seen universally as damaging politically

Tucker Carlson did a 2-hour interview with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia – it is running on “X”, here:



Bob Beckwith, 91, stood with President Bush at Ground Zero, 9-11

Toby Keith, 62, singer, of stomach cancer

Seiji Ozawa, 88, conductor, of cardiac issues

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