Braised Pork in White Wine and Tomatoes over Tagliatelle – Anthony Salemme

By Chef Anthony Salemme for

Serves 4-6

This Tuscan inspired pasta dish takes some time in the oven to braise until it is fork tender. Perfect for a Sunday meal.

2 pounds boneless spare ribs or Pork butt, cut into 2 inch pieces

1 pound Tagliatelle

1 28-ounce can tomato puree

1 ½ cups white wine

2 tablespoons tomato paste

1 Tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped fine

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

2 teaspoons oregano

salt & pepper

4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced

1 medium onion, peeled and sliced

½ cup olive oil

grated parm

Preheat oven to 300 F.

Generously coat the pork pieces with salt, pepper, the rosemary, cumin, smoked paprika, oregano.

Heat oil in a braising pan to medium hot. Brown the pork pieces on both sides, 5 minutes on each side.

Add the onion and garlic when you turn the meat over to brown on the other side.

Next add tomato paste, wine, and tomato puree. Heat until it simmers.

Cover Pan and braise for 90 minutes, then turn the meat pieces over and braise another hour. At this point the meat should start to fall apart.

Cook the pasta.

Toss with some sauce.

Then divide into bowls and top with more sauce and pork and some Parm.

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