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Jan 4 2020

RI Weekend Weather Wrap: Sat/Sun, Jan 4 & 5, 2020

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist Saturday 1/4/20: A low pressure system passing to our south will generate basically all day light ...

Jan 2 2020

RI Weather Today, Thursday 1/2/20:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist Another nice day to start the new year with high pressure to our southwest still in ...

Jan 1 2020

RI Weather Today, Wednesday, 1/1/20:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist We start a new year on a good note, nice weather with a decent amount of ...

Dec 31 2019

RI Weather Today, Tuesday 12/31/19:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist Occluded frontal system is gathering up it’s things and heading out of town… We’ll have some ...

Dec 30 2019

RI Weather Today, Monday 12/30/19:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist A broad wide-ranging storm system covering a great deal of the northeastern US will mean mostly ...

Dec 29 2019

RI Weather Today, Sunday, 12/29/19:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist High pressure moves east, causing little more than a wind shift to northeasterly, helping to funnel ...

Dec 28 2019

RI Weekend Weather Wrap – Sat/Sun, Dec. 28/29, 2019

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist Warm Late December Pattern Continues...A great weekend bookended by cloud cover. Saturday 12/28/19: High pressure situated ...

Dec 27 2019

RI Weather Today, Friday 12/27/19:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist Our mid-western frontal system is now our problem, as a cold front will sweep through in ...

Dec 26 2019

RI Weather Today, Thursday 12/26/19:

By Jack Donnelly, meteorologist High pressure begins a small retreat to the northeast and allows for the developing low pressure ...

Dec 25 2019

RI Weather Today, Christmas Day 12/25/19:

By Jack Donnelly If we can’t have a White Christmas, we might as well have some nice weather. Above normal ...