Your Recipe, Today – Shrimp Mozambique

By Anthony Salemme, contributing chef

I usually keep a bag of frozen shrimp on hand, sometimes two, if they are having a sale on them. This is a quick easy Portuguese take on a Scampi and it comes together in under 30 minutes.

Serves 4

31- 40 count bag of Medium or Large Shrimp (thawed, deveined & peeled)
6 cloves garlic minced
2 red bell peppers sliced

1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter
2 packs Goya Sazon

8 oz white wine or beer

1 lemon juiced
2 Tablespoons parsley chopped
2 tablespoons hot pepper sauce

Pat dry your shrimp to remove excess moisture

In a large sauté pan place your butter in to melt on medium heat until almost brown.

Sauté the garlic in the butter. Add Goya Sazon.

Place the shrimp in the pan with the sautéed garlic, add peppers, and then add the wine or beer.

Add lemon juice, parsley, and hot pepper sauce (add as much heat as you like).

Serve over rice or French Fries.