Your Coronavirus Update – Wed, Nov. 18, 2020

Photo: Time for Contact Tracing Notebooks – with a backlog at the state level, it’s a good idea to start that notebook (or use of the Crush COVID app) so you can notify people yourself if you come down with COVID19


There has been an 82% increase in cases around the US

NEW: The FDA has authorized the first at-home COVID-19 test – it will be available by prescription for individuals, hospitals, etc. It is expected to cost approx. $50.

Dr. Fauci spoke about “uniform mandates” going forward in fighting the vaccine.

New Orleans has banned Mardi Gras celebrations for 2021

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs mask mandate after months of opposition

Sen. Grassley tests positive for COVID-19

Germany has banned protests to oppose lockdowns.

2,885 TSA screeners have tested positive, with one known death.

All employees at DBS will be granted the flexibility to work remotely up to 40% of the time

Boston is experiencing a shortage in daycare options.

Boston Mayor says the best option for college kids who travel home is to “stay there”.

Amazon has opened an online pharmacy for a limited amount of start-up work

One survey shows only 26% of workers want to continue working from home after the pandemic is over

Nearly 300 businesses that received as much as $500 million from the Paycheck Protection Program have filed for bankruptcy. Many say the aid wasn’t enough to keep the businesses going, weighed down by the coronavirus and without additional stimulus.

Months of experience and research have refined coronavirus treatment. Several doctors said they now take a two-phase approach, first combating the virus itself with antiviral drugs, then addressing the cascade of problems caused by the usually outsize immune response. 

New testing procedures for U.S. House members traveling from out of town

65 staff test positive among WHO offices in Geneva.

EU eyes Covid-19 vaccine deal with Moderna at less than $25 per dose

For people with severe COVID-19, one of the most troubling complications is abnormal blood clotting that puts them at risk of having a debilitating stroke or heart attack. A new study suggests that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, doesn’t act alone in causing blood clots. The virus seems to unleash mysterious antibodies that mistakenly attack the body’s own cells to cause clots.

Mayor Marty Walsh is urging Bostonians to spend Thanksgiving only with members of their immediate household to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Boston University students who go home for Thanksgiving are being urged to stay away until next semester as a precaution to avoid bringing the coronavirus back to campus

UMASS men’s basketball pauses all team activities after positive COVID-19 tests

Ohio is on a 3-week curfew

Michigan’s 3-week shutdown:

Thanksgiving restrictions on size of gatherings from states around US (broadly deemed to be unconstitutional) – NJ-10; NM-5; MA-10; NY-10; Oregon-2;Colorado-10; Deleware-10; Minnesota-10; Illinois-household


RI State Police – 10 tested positive – another 10 on quarantine (there are approx. 250 state police in total)

Providence Police – 60 cases since the beginning.

The explosion of COVID-19 in the state is causing the contact tracing and testing system to be inadequate to keep up. It is important that we all keep records of who we see and where we have been – we may be asked to do our own informing and “contact tracing” if we get COVID-19 Testing times are out by a few days and results could be 4-5 days to get.

A RIDE meeting was held last night with over 200 attending – a plan to test all children K-12 was discussed. Surveillance testing for staff, students, families for Providence, Central Falls and Lincoln – this is a pilot to help develop a plan statewide – many details unknown.

170 cases at Electric Boat – Director Graney says, he “also encouraged EB employees to rethink Thanksgiving plans”. “My wife and I have changed our traditional extended family Thanksgiving,” he said. “We’ll celebrate together at home — with a much smaller turkey — and will do a brief visit with my wife’s parents, from a safe distance, later in the afternoon.”

The RI House Oversight Committee will meet this Thursday (11/19/20). It will be carried from 3 -5 pm, on Capitol TV. The agenda includes a presentation by Dr. Alexander-Scott – Review of emergency spending on the COVID-19 response at nursing homes, hospitals, and other congregate care settings – Discussion of the decision making process before the issuance of EXECUTIVE ORDER 20-95, signed on November, 5, 2020 and any future potential restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19.

Brown University is shutting down 6 days early – going to virtual learning – before Thanksgiving holiday.

Stop & Shop is preparing to offer the vaccine as well as CVS & Walgreens.

Salve Regina students were notified that they cannot return to campus or the city after the Thanksgiving break and must take their remaining classes online if they choose to leave the Newport-based campus or off-campus residences in Newport. Salve will remain open for in-person classes after Thanksgiving break, but students who live on campus or in Newport and want to take classes in person must remain local through the holiday break.

Citizens Financial Group Inc. will close 40 Stop & Shop branches and switching to self-serve kiosks. There are 14 in RI and 26 in MA. They will be replaced by ATM kiosks. No information about loss of employees was given.

“3 employees who work in the Governor’s Office of Constituent Services recently tested positive for COVID-19. The office has been deep cleaned. 4 employees in the Gov’s Office are under quarantine, per the DOH’s orders.”

Governor Baker of MA says he has “no plans” for additional COVID-19 rules for the state.

Governor Raimondo rescheduled her press conference to Thursday at 1pm. The following week will be Wed, then going to Thursdays after that.

RI chosen as one of 4 states to pilot test Pfizer vaccine

Cranston East, Western Hills, Orchard Farms, and Woodridge schools in Cranston stay closed today due to staffing issues.

Pawtucket Credit Union: Central Avenue branch in Pawtucket would be closing temporarily. The lobbies of four other branches – on Newport Avenue in East Providence, Independence Way in Cranston, Post Road in Warwick and Tower Hill Road in North Kingstown – will only be available by appointment starting Nov. 16.

After steady monthly increases since April, the state pension fund took a slight dip in September, losing $156.6 million, according to the R.I. Office of the General Treasurer.

City of Providence – Mayor Elorza press conference:

Mayor Elorza announced that earl on his mother, father, aunt and uncle all had COVID – his mother was on a ventilator for 2 weeks and recovered. He announced new requirements as of Sunday: Limit social gatherings to 5. Do everything you can to stay in your own home and not someone else’s. Must get a permit from the city if you have more than 25 people outside.


Closed or suspended until further notice:

  • Providence Municipal Court
  • netWORKri Career Center
  • All Recreation Centers
  • Entertainment license issuance
  • Providence Port and Harbor

Mayor Elorza’s press release highlights:

Additional COVID-19 guidelines to go in effect on Sunday, November 22.

“As we continue to see cases rise across our state, it is time that we do more to protect our community,” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “The strategic approach we are taking today and over the course of the next few weeks is what will help save lives. We need everyone to be a part of the solution and protect the most vulnerable members of our community.”

The executive order provides targeted interventions at proven points of transmission to stop the local spread of COVID-19. It includes reducing the State’s current limit on social gatherings from 10 to five people or only those within your immediate household. Additionally, catered events will be limited to 10 people for indoor events and 25 people outdoors. Organizers will be required to submit a Special Events permit accompanied by a COVID-19 Event Control Plan for events above the City’s recommended gathering limits. The City will work closely with the organizers of previously scheduled events to accommodate where possible.

A stay-at-home advisory will remain in place on weeknights 10PM to 5AM and 10:30PM to 5AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Restaurants can continue to offer take-out, delivery and pick-up options in addition to indoor dining, with table sizes limited to eight or one household. Residents are asked to practice social distancing and to wear a mask any time they leave their home or when in contact with individuals not a part of their immediate household.

City Hall will continue to offer limited in-person services aligned with the latest health and safety guidelines. Providence Municipal Court has  ceased arraignments and hearings until further notice. The City continues to offer all Providence youth free grab and go meals Monday through Thursday after school hours at tented locations outside of 11 of the city’s recreation centers.

RI Data:

Today’s Data – Nov. 17, 2020
Deaths: 8
Tests: 9,709
New cases: 605
Percent positive: 6.2%
Hospitalized: 265
ICU: 22
Ventilators: 10

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  1. Espo1234 on November 18, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    WOW more lockdowns.. ?? So what the virus knows’ we are locked down so what it leaves? and goes where.. into outer space?
    Hey I get it the virus kills people and a terrible virus. But the survival rate is like 96%?? across all age groups.
    All I Heard from the ” experts” ya know like Nana-Fauci the worst is coming in the fall and when the cold weather hits .. so we knew it was coming and now we are closed down..closed down toilet paper… what a farce.
    When you give people power man they really do abuse it.
    This is not March-You test positive you quarantine (self imposed lockdown) you show no signs of symptoms after 14 days and/or now test negative and then you go back to your life..
    pretty simple stuff.

    Stuck here in in a Fascist country/state ..greatttt..

    I’m sure she will be closing the casino 😮 as she stops our thanksgiving get togethers.