The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly – this week in RI, Jan 31, 2020


Living Longer

For the first time since 2014, life expectancy at birth increased to 78.7 years, the best since 2014, when life expectancy was 78.9 years. In 2017, life expectancy was 78.6 years, according to the CDC. “Over half the increase in life expectancy in 2018 was due to declines in mortality from cancer and accidents/unintentional injuries,” the CDC reported. Death rates from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease also declined.

Casino Deal

IGT and Twin River have struck a deal. And the deal includes a brand-new headquarters to be built in Providence as well as an expansion and renovation of the existing facility in Lincoln. Who thought that a nasty beginning could end in an amicable – and hopefully, good for Rhode Island – deal?


The Impeachment Trial

If you’ve had the chance to listen to any of the testimony it can truly boggle the mind. Just when you agree with one statement, you hear the opposite and think, well, that’s reasonable, too. Regardless of the decision made at the end of this country’s current saga, it’s safe to say we will be as divided, if not more, than before it all started.  For now, Democratic candidates sit drinking their water and milk and snacking from the candy draw thinking about the Iowa Caucus. Republicans watch the President’s approval rate climb with every day.

Kobe Bryant Death

A shock. Kobe Bryant’s death aboard an executive helicopter, filled with 7 other people, one being his 2nd oldest daughter. All on their way to Gianna Bryant’s basketball game. Why were they in the air on a day when fog had grounded even police helicopters? What happened? We’ll learn all of that in due time. But the impact of the death of 8 people in the flash of an eye is still being felt. Everyone seemed to be talking about the suddenness of this sadness. And what might be in store for any one of us when we walk out our front door. It is a quiet, deep down in your bones sadness. And wake up call for all of us to put the bitterness aside and to know that it could all be gone in an instant.



Hands down the coronavirus which has now spread to a Global Health Emergency rates “the Ugly” designation. More research is simply required to develop both vaccines and treatment against emerging diseases. Especially with a population that is increasingly mobile, and international travel is no longer a rare occurrence. A designation of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, or PHEIC, is nothing to take lightly. Not only for

Child Predators

13 men arrested for soliciting minors for the purpose of sex had their photos all across media outlets. We commend the police officials who set the trap that captured these people, who are charged with committing the most heinous of crimes. In a press conference, the police noted that they have seen children as young as five or six years old responding to a sting operation on-line and when they go out to the homes the parents had no idea what their little ones were doing.  

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