“Ron & Jen’s Great Escape” 9-8-2021 – Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien

Elorza’s Controversial Appointment

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s taking lots of (justified) heat for appointing a civilian with ZERO law enforcement experience to the rank of Major within the Providence Police Department. Elorza named his city’s Parks and Recreation Director, Michael Stephens, as the department’s Community Relations and Diversion Services Major. To nobody’s surprise the appointment caught the ire of the Providence Police Union who questioned if Stephens has the credentials and capabilities to perform the job. The National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers have also questioned the appointment using the title of Major. Exactly who, if ANYONE, is advising Elorza?

Jen’s Birthday Thoughts

Just turned 53 the other day and I believe its customary as you age to start thinking about what could have been. The regrets. The what-ifs. Maybe this… maybe that… etc., etc., etc. 

For the record – That’s a stupid waste of time. Sometimes we forget how great our lives are – at least I do – and we get weighted down by our own THINKING and really – the truth is, it’s not as bad as we make it out to be. Consider this –

We have homes, apartments, and phones – we have running water, and beds, and HOT SHOWERS. WE have the internet and food in the cupboard and a car or bus to take us where we need to go. We have pets and video games and candy and kickboxing. We live in the greatest country in the world! 

So, really – how bad do we have it? When we shed the “poor me” moments and get real… truth is… we have it really, really good, and we are blessed with more than we need or deserve. 

Don’t get trapped. No matter what the world is screaming at you and trying to tell you about yourself, YOUR LIFE is pretty good. Better than millions of others living in true oppression and instability. REMEMBER that today when you walk out your door. You’re  not a victim. Just facts.

Take a Deep Breath

A new ONEPOLL survey finds that nearly one third of Americans say they haven’t had a day to relax alone in more than three months. 76% of those polled say they think every employer should offer mental health days and the average person saying they’ve taken three mental health days off from their gig (those who still have jobs) within the last year.  

Drop and Give Me Nine!

No question lots of Americans are out of shape but is it really THIS bad? A new GYMLESS survey finds the average American between the ages of 20 and 49 can’t do ten pushups.

Holiday Décor’s on the Way

Spirit Halloween costume shops are popping up in empty store fronts and Halloween candy’s making its way onto shelves so Christmas is closer than you think! Some experts say go ahead and break out those Christmas decorations right after Halloween, saying those who do are happier and more relaxed than those who wait! So, go ahead and be the Clark Griswald of your neighborhood. Just make sure “those little lights are twinkling”!

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Ron St. Pierre is a veteran broadcaster whose career has spanned over four decades. Ron has programmed, performed on and managed WHJJ, WPRO, WWRX, 790 The Score in Providence, as well as WBZT and WKGR in West Palm Beach and WABC in New York City. Ron also anchored sports on WPRI Ch 12 in Providence. He is a member of both the Rhode Island Radio and Television and the City of Pawtucket Halls of Fame. He was born and raised in Pawtucket.

Jen Brien has over 20 years of radio broadcast experience having hosted shows on WPRO and WHJJ with Ron as well as her own shows on WRKO and WBZ in Boston, WXTK on Cape Cod and WHAM in Rochester, New York. Jen was born and raised in Woonsocket and served six years in the Army MP Canine Unit.

Hazel, Ron’s dog, makes regular appearances.

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