RI Weekend Weather Wrap – April 3/4, 2021

by Jack Donnelly, meteorologist

Saturday 4/3/21:

We’ll still have a reflection of the upper level trough influencing the lower surface weather in the form of cooler air and generally clear skies dotted with some fair weather cumulus clouds during the day. Afternoon temperatures will be a bit higher than yesterday, around 50 for a high from chilly morning lows in the upper 20’s with a northwesterly breeze.

Easter Sunday 4/4/21:        

Low pressure creeps back to the west from the Atlantic, around which some more in the way of cloud cover will be passing over the area, but we’ll still have plenty of Sun and even warmer temperatures for Easter, so any egg hunting expeditions shouldn’t be frozen finger affairs. Morning lows in the low to mid 30’s warming to the upper 50’s during the afternoon with still a northwesterly breeze.