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7 Easter Sunday locations put HOPE for a vaccine time into action – updated

UPDATED 4/5/2021: Informal results of Sunday vaccine appointment setting for the Black, Asian, Indigenous, Hispanic communities: 544 people registered across 5 sites in RI at these 7 sites on Sunday. Total registrants per RIDOH is approx. 900. Background: from RIDOH: Governor Dan McKee worked with the Equity Council to organize equity-focused COVID-19 vaccination clinics. Equity-Focused Clinics aim to reach Rhode Islanders hardest hit by COVID-19 and those most at risk for severe health outcomes if they get COVID-19. Roughly 900 people have registered to date. Rhode Islanders living in specific geographies have experienced higher rates of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths throughout the pandemic. These clinics are part of a focused effort to ensure equitable access to vaccines among communities at highest risk for severe outcomes according to State data. These risk factors include, but are not limited to a community member’s zip code, race, ethnicity, age, and underlying conditions. These will run at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and at the State-run vaccination site in Woonsocket. A total of 6,000 doses will be available. A number of community organizations are working to get people registered for these clinics.


Rise this Easter morning – in addition to religious services, special meals, some treats from the Easter Bunny – if you need help in registering for a vaccine, TODAY is a life-saving day.

Especially for people of color – Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic, people of color. Onsite registration for any community member at the sites and times listed below – TODAY.

Volunteers will assist in helping you make your vaccination appointments. A first availability of 3,000 times will be scheduled for the community for Saturday, April 10th, at the Dunkin Donuts Center.

TODAY with Dr. Munoz in Providence:

TODAY’s locations and times:

This is a special program today designed to help our Rhode Island communities.

You can also make appointments online, here:

For more general information, go to:

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