Introducing…’s new website has re-launched with a brand new, more dynamic, more responsive, website. Lots of work over the past few months to transfer over all our articles. Think about this: 5 articles a day times 9 months – get the picture?  That’s about 1,365 articles. Not everything could be brought over immediately, but more will be back filled as time goes by.

The new site is searchable by date, by topic, by writer, by title. The new site is fast, easy-to-load, and dynamic. A “lively experiment” has proven to be an all-in mission for

We publish early morning, 7 days a week. Breaking news is added to our social media sites, when warranted.

Thanks go to the writers, almost every one of them have been with RINewsToday from the very beginning.  Kudos to Tony Jones who started the first fledgling website on less than a shoestring, and sometimes took more than his due of extra requests, and early morning agida.

As 2019 comes to an end, looks forward to the year ahead. If you have news tips, ideas, are hankering to write, have an event for statewide promotion, a cause near and dear to your heart, a business networking event, etc., please get in touch at Everything will be considered, and the more lead time the better. Photos are fabulous.

One thing has been consistent in these turbulent and joyful 9 months – there is always more news. Not a day has gone by where there wasn’t a choice of what to run, what could wait, and what needed more research. Rhode Island is a lively place. is committed to providing you with easy to access information to help you live a better life; a more informed life. Welcome on the journey!

From the major topics of health, politics, business, lifestyle, sports and opinion – to our Friday look-back editorial, you’ll find the 5 top new stories right on the opening banner-block. As always, the weather (thank you, Jack Donnelly!) will greet you in the early a.m. so you can plan your day.

What’s in the future? More news! More event reporting. More writers. A subscription list. A morning email blast (soon). And an opportunity to promote and partner to benefit you, your business, your cause.

Keep reading, keep sharing on social media – and always feel free to comment – and send us an email. Again: And – thank you to all who have done just this.

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