Discover Beautiful Rhode Island – with Jason Michalski

by Jason Michalski, contributing photographer

Be kind and respectful to yourself and others. If people reach out to you – thinking of you – or just seeing how you are, respond with gratitude.

Always strive to be your best and surround yourself with those who make you feel best.

Photography is healing to me. There will be a time when the person you have been ignoring for whatever your reason, will no longer be with us. Be mindful, courteous to others’ needs and feelings.


Jason is a US Marine veteran, portrait and landscape photographer, and visual artist. Follow Jason on Instagram to see more of his work – jmich78photography. We thank him for use of this photo and his contemplation.

Editor’s Note: We will get through this enormous challenge in our lives. And soon it will be spring – just breathe – and be kind to one another.