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Burn with Kearns: From the board room to the locker room – Kevin Kearns

by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer

It’s challenging for all of us to stay in tip top shape. As a wellness transformation coach for over 37 years, working with some of Boston’s most elite CEOs can be even tougher. For the self-employed CEO it can be downright impossible.

A colleague I worked with went from over 235 lbs. to 189 lbs. and a 34” waist in 9 months.

How did he do it?

  • warm up routines consist of moving stretches, agility ladder drills, and fitness trampoline work
  • at 4 days a week we alternate between weight training, kickboxing, bosu work, bands, suspension training, and plyometrics

Sample Routine

  • Day 1
  • one arm dumbbell snatches, 10 reps
  • place a weight on the floor in front of you
  • next, bend down and grab the weight with one hand as you squat down with your head up.
  • with one quick motion pull the weight up over head as you come out of the squat to a standing position.
  • one arm stability ball chest press, 10 reps

1. roll down onto a stability ball with a dumbbell in one hand

2. press your hips up in the air so they are parallel with your shoulders

3. with the dumbbell at the side of your shoulder, press the dumbbell up

  • air fit rows (or other suspension unit), 10 reps

1. grab suspension unit with both hands. lean back on your heels until your arms are fully extended

2. next, pull your whole body towards the suspension unit so your hands meet your rib cage

3. lower down and repeat

  • shoulder raise with lunges, 10 reps

1. stand in an upright position with the dumbbells at your sides

2. as you lunge forward raise the dumbbells to shoulder level at your sides

3. step back and repeat on the other leg

  • dumbbell squat curl and press, 10 reps

1. stand in an upright position with the dumbbells at your sides

2. squat down as low as you can comfortably with the dumbbells at your sides

3. as you come out of the squat, curl the dumbbells up and then press them overhead

  • Bosu super planks, 10 reps

1. lie on a bosu in a prone plank position with your elbows on the bosu

2. next, press off your one hand, then the other hand, as you come up to a push up position on top of the bosu

Here’s a 10 Minute Burn With Kearns Blast circuit

Jump rope 1 minute

stability push-ups, 40 seconds

med ball twists, 40 seconds

stair master, 1 minute

dumbbell rows, 40 seconds

med ball wood chops, 40 seconds

Jump Rope 1 minute

Dumbbell upper cuts, 40 seconds

Bosu sprawls, 1 minute

Now, Rome was not built on just training alone. You also have to eat correctly and effectively. For instance, I’ve been known to order my favorite lunch which can surprise some people. I’ll have egg whites, veggies, no toast, and green tea at 1 pm. Some people will think that it’s odd to have eggs for lunch. I say, “Why Not?” 

Food is food, no matter what time of the day it is. Your body does not know the difference between eggs for breakfast, or eggs for dinner. You want to feed it the right food all the time. If you’re on the road a lot, like me, it can be challenging trying to find the right food at the right times. So, here are some specific steps to follow.

  1. keep food in your vehicle such as fruit, nuts, seeds, and low filler protein bars. When you feel your energy drop, have a piece of fruit or handful of nuts. Purpose – keep your blood sugar on an even level so you don’t get so hungry you will eat whatever is available.
  2. even make sure to portion your protein and carbs with veggies at each meal. purpose – keep your sugars stable and cravings away.
  3. cook extra for dinner and then the extra becomes another meal the next day. purpose – less hassle trying to find what to eat.
  4. keep a small fridge at the office as back up for meals. Purpose – less stress involved when you know you have good food at another stop. Stress causes hormones to be produced that slows down weight loss and adds to cravings of non-healthy food.
  5. avoid refined sugars and process food. purpose – garbage in, garbage out. you are what you eat.
  6. eat a variety of food. purpose – man was not meant to eat chicken day in and day out. mix it up, your body needs the different nutrients.
  7. if you must have something sweet try frozen fruit. purpose – good source of vitamins tastes good and less fat.
  8. when in doubt, text the coach! I have had clients around the world text me or send me a menu at an eatery. purpose – coach has your back and will help you make the right choices.

On “off days” you can do your favorite exercise, like Muay Thai pads for 3 minutes on and one minute off, while using a fitness trampoline for active recovery, or cardio days with intervals on the treadmill at the following pace.

2 minutes running

1 minute walking

total time 40 minutes

So, if my colleague can lose 40 lbs at less than 9 months, what is your excuse?

Coach Kearns

Be Relentless


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