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ART! The World Between Time at IMAGO, Warren

Photo: Silver Cup and Pear Original 14″ by 17″ (with frame) Available as giclée – Dennis Delomba

On display now through August 14th is “The World Between Time” at Imago Foundation for the Arts at 36 Market Street in Warren, RI. Open Thursday 3-6, Friday and Saturday 12 – 6, and Sunday 12 – 4, the exhibit features art of Meredith Wolf and Dennis Delomba.

About Meredith Wolf:

My intuitive paintings celebrate explorations into nature and spiritual worlds. While they are perceived as abstract, many images appear with no preconceived plan. The canvases are filled with high energy, a variety of charged gestural strokes, and intense relationships that juxtapose calm with explosions of vibrant color. 

These paintings are influenced by the soul and its moods, the inner beauty, chaos, and light and dark which exists in each of us. My muses throughout the years have been my affinity to the ocean, especially my inner mermaid, experiencing the power of shamanism, and the charismatic Leonard Cohen.

My creative process generates a sense of timelessness, outside the reach of the past and the future, as there is a letting go of my conscious mind, and a willingness to enter into the mystery of the unconscious and unknown.

About Dennis Delomba:

Dennis Delomba is a Master of Fine Arts Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and an Outstanding Alumni Award recipient of Rhode Island College. He is an artist and veteran art educator, having taught ceramics, drawing, figure drawing and painting.

His ceramic designs have been produced and sold nationwide through his own studio as well being produced as under a licensing agreement with a major international ceramics company and sold by galleries in the United States, Canada, England and Japan.

After a successful career in contemporary ceramics and glass, Dennis has focused on drawing and painting. “Painting has become a place in which I analyze, relive and re-experience life events in both the most complex and primal languages.  For me, painting is the ultimate challenge, the most comprehensive voice, and the most connective encounter of all the fragments and layers of the scattered self.  Looking over human history, I can see nothing better than to be a powerful painter.”

“Technically I go back, endlessly striving to comprehend, to the early Flemish artists such as Van Eyck; to the Italian masters like Caravaggio, the Spanish tradition epitomized in Velasquez, and always Leonardo and Rembrandt for their monumental understanding of the human vision.”

Dennis is an Exhibiting Artist Member of the Providence Art Club, former artist-in-Residence at Firehouse 13 in Providence, Rhode Island and current guest artist at Imago Gallery in Warren Rhode Island. He is on the Art Department Faculty at Roger Williams University and the Community College of Rhode Island. –

About Imago:

Imago began as a cooperative gallery founded and run by artists for artists in 2003. Imago Foundation for the Arts received its federal nonprofit certification in 2007.

IFA encourages IMAGO artists and guest artists to explore their creativity by providing a supportive community and exhibition space. IFA also focuses on art programming for the public and collaborative projects with other local and regional organizations  to promote  the arts. 


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