Rhode Island’s iconic Chan’s Egg Rolls & Jazz now for sale

Photo: Providence College Magazine

A Rhode Island and national institution since 1905, Chan’s Fine Oriental Dining has offered the best in Asian cuisine along with some of the most prominent jazz, blues and other musical acts in the world.

Known for offering 4 schools of Chinese cooking: Cantonese, Szechwan and Hunan, Mandarin, and Shanghai, with a spacious Horseshoe Bar Lounge, and the iconic 130 seat Jazz and Blues Club where the most famous and the most local stars in jazz and blues entertained.

While details of the sale are not known, the property is being listed with this description, adding evidence to the owner’s desire to see the establishment continue as it is. The reason for sale was listed simply as “retirement”.

“While this last year has created challenges for all restaurants, Chan’s has managed to continue to operate and thrive with it’s take out and drive thru window service. This is a testament to its staying power and ability to adapt in the face of insurmountable obstacles. As dine in service expands, Chan’s is positioned to increase sales through its banquet room and music series. The new owner will be challenged to maintain the current experience Chan’s customers have come to expect while moving the business into the 21st century. New contract mobile delivery services could add substantial revenue and profitability.

The 6100 SF ground level restaurant with lounge, banquet room and drive thru window. the location is easily accessible and has great visibility on main street. This facility also features a full basement for refrigerated and dry goods storage. Parking is available on street, municipal parking areas and in the rear lot.”

Sale price listed for a reasonable $275,000 plus $125,000 for F, F, & E (furniture, fixtures and equipment).

This month Chan will receive a Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from his alma mater, Providence College. He graduated there in 1974. He has also received a Pell Award honoring his dedication to the music industry, and was inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame. Chan is also an accomplished artist. He has said he and his family intend to stay in Woonsocket.

More on Chan in a Providence College publication, here:

Visit Chan’s: – the restaurant and music venue is open for business.

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