A Reading By Pat – for December, 2019

By Patricia Glynn-Olson, futurist

Hello everyone and welcome to one of the most exciting months in many years.

Great news! A month for the record books lies ahead.

This Christmas evening will bring a SOLAR ECLIPSE. (9:39 on EST). A very special one that does not come along often. Eclipses come in twins. The sister to this Solar Eclipse will happen mid-January 2020.

What does this mean? Some many wondrous things are to happen. The effects will begin being felt around middle December. Expansion, growth, dreams coming true. This honestly will be a great time.

So many have recently experienced a very difficult time during our last Mercury in Retrograde of 2019. This will help your life in special ways.

Since GROWTH and EXPANSION are part of the gifts of this Solar Eclipse, one must watch for – weight gain.

Education, wealth, freedom, love, as well as luck! 

Jupiter trines Uranus which is what brings us good luck, as well as happiness that seems to fall from the sky.

So many things are possible at this juncture. This means some things you hoped for, and dreamed for and about, have all the possibilities of occurring.

Seek out new way to approach ways to move forward. Remember, “nothing changes till something changes”.

These aspects normally last for a brief time but due to the alignment of other planets, these wonderful aspects; gifts if you will, will last as long as 6 months – until June 5, 2020.

Rhode Island should be a receiver of sudden gifts.  I believe in funds for projects long waiting for help. This will benefit many in the state, not just politicians.