A Pawtucket Thanksgiving as Grebiens recover from COVID-19

It was Turkey Day in Pawtucket. Hundreds came to McCoy Stadium where there was a drive-thru giveaway of turkeys for Thanksgiving. The event – changed this year from full Thanksgiving fixings, began with a spirit of “Something is better than nothing”, said Pawtucket’s First Lady Laureen Grebien.

The traditional Holiday Basket became a Turkey giveaway due to the pandemic. Mrs. Grebien and her volunteers focused on getting and giving away turkeys to local families. Over 500 were purchased and donated.

Yesterday there was a drive-thru toss-a-turkey as people drove up to the pick up site, put their windows down, and volunteers placed a turkey in the cars.

Police and fire personnel, as well as other volunteers helped out with the giveaway. Notably, both Mrs. Grebien and Mayor Don Grebien are recovering from COVID-19 at home, together.

On this Thanksgiving, RINewsToday, and all residents of the Pawtucket area, we know, wish the Grebien’s a Happy Thanksgiving and a return to good health soon.

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