Your Coronavirus Update – Today, May 23, 2020


Bob Kraft’s Superbowl ring sold for approx. $1M which will go to a variety of food-related charities

New York’s hospitalizations, new cases and deaths are declining

Ralph Lauren donating 1.5 million additional clothing articles for charity

Georgetown coach, former Knicks star Patrick Ewing reveals coronavirus diagnosis, and is recovering in the hospital.

TJMaxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls preparing to open again

Topgolf reopened the first of its 54 U.S. venues May 11 in Oklahoma City, with additional health and safety requirements. A handful of other U.S. venues are also now reopened.

Michigan barber who stayed open and had his day in court – won his ability to stay open – no clear link between transmission of coronavirus and cutting of hair

Tesla workers back to work unless they test positive or care for someone convalescing

Small businesses struggle as many big retailers see revenue surge, online sales grow

President Trump will be donating his salary this quarter to Dept. of HHS towards covid19 and research

After months of strict stay-at-home orders and just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Friday allowing groups of 10 people or fewer to congregate.

A hair stylist in Springfield, Missouri, exposed as many as 91 people to coronavirus after working at a salon for eight days while symptomatic.

Chicago will not begin to loosen restrictions before early June

Moscow to expand antibody testing program to all residents next week

Secretary of Defense says coronavirus vaccine ‘absolutely’ possible by end of year

Remdesivir clinical trial results published in New England Journal of Medicine – showing a clear reduction in time of sickness.

“SOCIAL DISTANCE TODAY — START SPREADING THE NEWS” is the message Jersey Shore-bound masses will see on flashing billboards as they ford freeways that are expected to be packed

A massive project that aims to compress what is typically 10 years of vaccine development and testing into a matter of months is being planned. The U.S. effort involving more than 100,000 volunteers and a half dozen or so of the most promising vaccine candidates aims to deliver a safe and effective vaccine by the end of 2020.

Anti-violence groups, not police, will enforce social distancing in NYC

Hertz files for banruptcy

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will begin distributing $4.9 billion in CARES Act funding to nursing homes

35% percent, it is estimated, have asymptomatic coronavirus

Two children in Washington State with inflammatory impact of coronavirus

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine to begin phase II/III human trials

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, told workers that within a decade as many as half of the company’s more than 48,000 employees would work from home.

Weddings return in Vegas


Boston University plans a COVID-19 testing program on campus this fall.

Garden City Center has an update on stores/restaurants open, here:

Project Undercover donates 90K diapers to Rhode Island families in need

Massachusetts encourages a “safer at home” approach to companies opening up again, protecting older/high risk workers.

60% of Massachusetts dead from coronavirus have been over 80.

Newport Pell Bridge will open two open road tolling lanes (ORT). These lanes are the existing outer right lanes of travel with one in each direction. The additional ORT lanes will now allow for local access again at all times via the Conanicus Avenue exit for emergency personnel, Jamestown residents and visitors, and RIPTA buses.

RI sending CPAP-type ventilators to the Bahamas.

Narragansett Beach to stay closed until June 6

City of Providence offering free two-hour parking throughout business corridors.

A demonstration will be held today at noon at the RI State House called Knock It Off, Gina, It’s time to reopen RI.

This week, in Rhode Island nursing homes/group homes there have been 110 new cases and 95 additional deaths.

RI Data

Deaths: 23 – 3 in 60s, 4 in 70s, 9 in 80s, 6 in 90s, 1 over 100

No updates on Monday – will update on Sat & Sun

Governor’s Address:

Heading in the right direction with data, though 23 deaths.

“We are through the worst of it” – we’ve done as a state an excellent job of keeping ourselves safe – Governor says “thank you” to Rhode Island. TY to business owners for “obeying the rules” – to every day Rhode Islanders for “just following the rules” – teachers, students, parents, “hang in there” – and to everyone who has been kind to someone else. Don’t fight the rules; follow them.

App: 30,000 downloads – 3% of Rhode Islanders

Phase 2 – We’re ready to go on June 1st. 5 person will go to 15 people. Keeping contact notebook. Travel restrictions largely lifted. 14 day quarantine will stay in place for people who come here from a place with a stay-at-home order. Focus will be on getting back to work. Restaurants and retail: Most restaurants it hasn’t been worth it to be open with such limited capacity – in phase 2 outdoor dining ok – indoor dining at 50% capacity. Still distancing, no waiting lines, masks. Offices: can bring back 1/3 of workforce. If you can work from home, do so.  Many restrictions – mask wearing, no congregate eating, etc.

Hairdressers: Starting June 1st. Most personal services will be back – barbershops, nailcare, waxing, massage salons, capacity restrictions, mask wearing, cleaning

Gyms: Open in Phase 2 with restrictions. There will be #s restrictions on classes and spacing

Outdoor entertainment: Not coming back for a while. Zoos, mini-golf, boat rentals, public gardens, historical sites.

Charts and details will have postings on after Tuesday.

Memorial Day weekend – if you go away, you have to quarantine for 14 days – no cookouts, no sports, we need to get to Phase 2 without problems.

Replenishing rent assistance – also talking with courts about what can be done.

Equity Task Force & Lt. Gov – roles? Has been very helpful.  Lt. Gov: Stefan Pryor has been in touch with him – he’s been focusing on small businesses – and helping people with their frustrations.

Outdoor airflow suggestions for hair salons, gyms, restaurants – get fresh air. A/C can be used, but they want to elevate science of fresh air from outside, so they can make the best decision.

Surface research study: Dr. Scott – we are learning more, but we need to assure environmental cleaning is necessary. Highlights importance of masks and social distancing.  

Churches: As press conference was happening, president said churches can open fully and he would override governors. Gov. Raimondo said no, this is not happening in RI. She will seek legal counsel. Churches will/can open May 30th.

Parades: Should Memorial Day parades be revisited?  East Prov. Will doing a car parade be ok? Car parades seem ok. Ancients & Horribles, etc.

Joe Biden running mate idea of Gov. Raimondo? – “sounds like he said some nice things, so that’s a nice thing”

Block Island Ferry – “still figuring it out” – will run in Phase 2.

Special Olympics to go virtual to support their participants this summer.

Hairdressers, barber shops – concerned about how much they would have to reduce staff – parameters seem reasonable and practical. No waiting room. Blow drying in separate room with fresh air.

A weekend to remember…Memorial Day weekend…

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