Your Coronavirus Update Today – July 30, 2021


Block Island council votes for advisory over mandate on masks when indoors. The island’s medical doctor said he has not seen an explosion of cases – local businesses support this move.

Central Falls requires masks in all city owned buildings, regardless of vaccination status, beginning August 2nd. They have set up the following vaccination clinics:

July 31 (Higginson Avenue) – Colombian Festival pop-up clinic at Francis Corrigan Sports Complex (registration:

  August 7 (Higginson Avenue) – a food-truck event pop-up clinic at Francis Corrigan Sports Complex (registration:

882 cases reported in P-Town; over 500 are MA residents.

Johnson & Wales requires all students and faculty to be vaccinated by start of school in the fall

The Providence Place Mall Apple Store is recommending – not requiring masks – as stores around the US begin to reinstitute mask wearing.

Spread in Provincetown is being studied as many cases have been spreading from vaccinated to vaccinated people.

Massachusetts hospitals requiring vaccinations by employees.

VaxMillions winners in MA were announced – a 60 year old from Weymouth won $1 million and a 16 year old from Chelsea won $300,000.


Pres. Biden’s press conference Thursday: 1) state governments should pay $100 to anyone who gets vaccinated, by using federal CARES money, 2) Dept of Defense will develop a mandatory vaccination policy – the COVID vaccine will be added to the list of other vaccinations they are required to have, 3) federal govt employees – and contractors – must attest to vaccination status or mask and testing once/twice a week, and socially distanced – they will not be allowed to travel for work, 4) small/medium sized businesses to be reimbursed to pay employees paid leave to get themselves and their families vaccinated, 5) Single dose vaccination – Johnson & Johnson – should now get the 2nd shot, 6) VA requires all employees to get vaccinated.

Biden says the fully vaccinated can spread virus to others. Vaccines are designed to prevent death, not disease. Vaccine was developed under a GOP administration – it’s a blessing we have vaccines to share with the world. Vaccinate for your loved ones and your country. DOJ has determined that vaccine mandates by private employers is legal. We have surge teams for states with outbreaks – we also have testing and vaccination assistance. We need to protect our hospitals, again from being overloaded.

“If in fact you are unvaccinated, you present a problem – to yourself, your family and those who you work with.” It’s a question of whether the federal government can mandate the whole country – we don’t know that yet”.

People do not have to wear a mask if they are vaccinated and there is not a high infection/unvaccinated rate.

Schools must be opened full time this fall. Tools have been given. Billions of $$ for safety measures – ventilation, etc. Over 90% of faculty are now vaccinated. CDC is providing guidance to return to school safely – everyone needs to wear a mask in the fall. More 12+ year olds need to be vaccinated. School districts should now host one pop up vaccination clinic for 12+ children. For children under 12, we are prepared to administer vaccinations when they become available.

The eviction moratorium will expire Saturday. The President has asked Congress to have it extended.

To read the President’s address, go to:

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order today designed to restrict border entries in Texas , saying the action would cut down on Covid-19 infections – there has been a 900% increase in COVID infection rates and most are being dispered throughout the US with no tracking or order to return for a hearing.

WHO Director General asked China to be “open and to cooperate” with its ongoing mission to pinpoint the origins of the virus, first detected in Wuhan. In particular, the WHO has asked China to provide raw data from early days of pandemic, which so far it has refused to do.

Facebook, Google and Netflix all said yesterday that they would require many employees to have been vaccinated for Covid-19, with limited exceptions for medical or religious reasons.

More than 600 universities have announced mandates for students or employees.

National Parks’ attendance and visitor numbers have exploded nationwide as people opt for outdoor vacations.

Israel first country to begin booster shots for those fully vaccinated over age 60, 5 months ago or more.

1 in 4 healthcare workers do not trust the vaccine.

American pole vaulter tests positive and is out of competition.

The National Black Home Educators, said the 21-year-old organization had about 5,000 members before the pandemic and now has more than 35,000. There has been a commitment to keep home schooling in place for many families, even as there is a return to in-person schooling.

Tokyo‘s restrictions may spread to other areas of Japan due to the spread from the Olympics.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) pulled his children from a summer basketball camp where masks were optional, a violation of state policy.

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