Your Coronavirus Update – September 29, 2021


Healthcare mandatory vaccinations will be considered in court today in RI.

The head of the healthcare demonstration group has announced for Governor.

Barrington HS has 13 positive cases since Sunday – 1 staff member. Some are from sports teams. 100% of staff have been vaccinated.

Brown University students may eat in the cafeteria again – cases are down by 1/3rd.

Lifespan said partially vaccinated employees will be allowed to keep their jobs for the month of October, partly due to the newly revised guidelines on the vax mandate

Healthcare workers sue RI for now allowing religious exemptions, only health exemptions.

The RI Dept. of Health is hiring contact tracers – but – they are on-site in the Health Dept. offices, with the possibility of partial remote in the future.

50+ detainees and 5+ staff at the Wyatt Detention Center have tested positive.

Coventry High School is doing remote learning through Thursday so they can compete contact tracing. Friday will be early release with a bag lunch to avoid gathering in cafeterias. They have 37 new cases, but 57% of students are vaccinated. Gov. McKee is considering a daily test and stay policy, as is being done elsewhere. CHS is doing a testing program on Friday and testing pop up locations for the weekend.

MA has continued its mask mandate in schools.

Celtics coach had COVID, very few symptoms, on his last day of quarantine.

A football game between Tollgate and Pilgrim was canceled due to cases of COVID in the Tollgate team.

Bally’s Hotel at Twin River and the Steakhouse Restaurant have both reopened.

The Massachusetts State Police were denied not complying with the Oct. 15th vaccination requirement deadline by the state court. 20% of their workforce are not vaccinated and expected to resign.

The Cranston Park Ave. Bridge reconstruction is delayed due to a lack of Amtrak workers due to COVID times – the bridge is not expected to reopen until the spring of 2022.

Eviction clinic: 6 to 9 p.m. at the George Wiley Center, 34 East Ave., Pawtucket. Text ‘EvictionClinic’ to 833-866-1664 or email [email protected] to register.

92% of all firefighters in RI are vaccinated.

Yesterday the RI courts did not uphold the action by non-vaccinated firefighters to remain so in their jobs. The ruling said the “power of choice” is still present; the case may end here or may proceed through the courts.

In RI, 7% of nursing home workers may be impacted as they say they will not get vaccinated. That would be approx. 706 workers out of a total workforce of 10,137. Of those 706 workers, 495 are clinical workers — registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or certified nursing assistants, according to the Providence Journal.

Cherry Hill Manor in Johnson, has said it is down from 168 workers at full census to 135 and has reduced its patient count by 20%.

The RI Health Dept. has a hotline for reporting – after Oct. 1st – non-vaccinated healthcare workers who may be still at work: online complaint… or call 401-222-5200.


Dr. Fauci said we will not get another surge if more people get vaccinated.

LeBron James says he has been vaccinated.

Maine is seeing a third wave, the highest yet – with 70% of people hospitalized unvaccinated.

The Boston Globe has written an editorial stressing how important it is for the Massachusetts State Police to all become vaccinated.

Massachusetts House members voted to approve having all members who work in the state house be vaccinated.

The Big E is back after a year off.

Unemployment claims are increasing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is preparing nursing homes for booster shot program for their residents – nursing home residents were among the very first to be immunized.

“We can give boosters to people, but that’s not really the answer to this pandemic,” said Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot of Vanderbilt University. “Hospitals are full because people are not vaccinated. We are declining care to people who deserve care because we are full of unvaccinated COVID-positive patients.”

Cuba has developed its own vaccine and will launch a 100% vaccinated campaign.

Florida is making quarantining of students optional if they have been exposed, unless they have symptoms.

Carnival Cruises expects to have ½ of its ships underway in October.

Target will hire 30,000 less seasonal workers this year than it did last year.

The CEO of Moderna says he expects COVID19 to last another year.

2 members of The View tested positive and were told while they were live on-air. They were removed prior to the VP interview, which was then done remotely.

Trials are underway for vaccinated domestic pets – dogs/cats

CNN: Pfizer is ready to ask the FDA for authorization to use its Covid-19 vaccine in children 5-11 “within days,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told ABC.

Judge halts mandatory vaccinations in NYC schools. Teachers have until the end of the week to get vaccinated.

South Africa is moving vaccines by putting on clinics onboard trains that go through remote areas.

Israel is moving forward with aggressive efforts to give the booster shot to all over 12.

In Italy, workers will be going back to their offices after 18 months absence.

Employees of federal contractors and subcontractors will be required to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8th even if they are not working directly on a government contract, the Biden administration said last week.

Some COSTCO stores are limiting purchases of toilet paper and water.

Kareen Abdul Jabar said unvaccinated players should not be on their teams.

Japan ready to lift COVID-19 state of emergency

Pfizer submits data to FDA for COVID-19 vaccine in children 5 to 11.

President Biden received his booster shot this week.

Reuters reports: Moderna Inc Chief Executive Stéphane Bancel thinks the coronavirus pandemic could be over in a year as increased vaccine production ensures global supplies, he told the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung. “Those who do not get vaccinated will immunize themselves naturally, because the Delta variant is so contagious. In this way we will end up in a situation similar to that of the flu. You can either get vaccinated and have a good winter. Or you don’t do it and risk getting sick and possibly even ending up in hospital.” Asked if that meant a return to normal in the second half of next year, he said: “As of today, in a year, I assume.” 

The WHO warns time is running out to investigate the origins of COVID19.

“Superhuman” immunity: Over the past months, researchers have observed that some people have extraordinarily high “superhuman” immunity to COVID. People with “superhuman” immunity are able to produce high levels of antibodies that are also highly capable of recognizing and neutralizing variants, including even the original SARS virus from 2003. Scientists call this phenomenon “hybrid immunity.” Hybrid immunity occurs in people who were first infected with COVID and then immunized with mRNA vaccines this year, causing them to have “hybrid” exposures to the virus. When you get the vaccine, your immune system learns to recognize only the virus’ spike protein. But, natural immunity can teach your body to recognize all parts of the virus. Scientists believe that when someone has a combination of both types of protection, their immune system is equipped with a more diverse set of antibodies that can more easily recognize and neutralize the virus. In a recent study, hybrid antibodies were able to protect against six variants of concern, and a genetically modified virus intentionally engineered to include 20 mutations known to prevent antibodies from binding it. Ultimately, hybrid immunity underscores the importance of getting vaccinated, even if you’ve already had COVID before. 

In the New York Times, a Moderna scientist, Dr. Corbett, spoke about those who will not get the vaccine – yet. “She does not speak of people as anti-vax or vaccine hesitant. She describes them as “vaccine inquisitive.” As she notes, if they haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, it’s likely because they still have unanswered questions and unaddressed fears. To reach them, we need to hear their concerns respectfully and provide evidence-based answers, with clarity and empathy.”

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