ART! Providence’s Memorial Bridge will add $1 Million public art – you get a vote.

A nation-wide call to artists and received over two hundred applications. A jury of experts selected the following five artists and artist teams to develop a design for an iconic work of public art to be sited in the Providence Innovation District Park near the Michael S. Van Leesten Memorial Bridge. This inaugural, large-scale, signature, permanent work of art will be the first of its kind in the City and the first activation of Providence’s Art in City Life Ordinance.

Videos and presentations will be available for comment online from September 27-October 4. The city is asking people to respond with their feedback – asking:

Which proposal inspires you? Which affects you, either positively or negatively? Which would you like to see brought to life?

Provide Your Feedback

Here are the four proposals:

#1 – Four Directions, Artist Team: Allison Newsome and Deborah Spears Morehead


#2 – Untitled (Title To Be Determined); Artist: Studio Ijeoma


#3 – Woven; Artist Team: Nina Cooke John and Hansy Better Barraza


#4 – Return; Artist: Rose B. Simpson


#5 – Untitled, (Bertha Higgins and Others); Artist: Tsedaye Makonnen

In announcing the national Call to Artists, the installation budget is $850,000 to the artists – with a total of $1 million invested:

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  1. Diane D'Annibale on September 30, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    Why? The money could be put to better use, helping the poor, homeless, veterans etc