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We are more than revenue producers – Michael Morse

by Michael Morse, contributing writer

Healthcare systems and EMS, worldwide, are in crisis. Hospitals are full, wait times for an ambulance reach hours, people languish in hallways waiting for a room. The people taking care of the people are tired, disillusioned and angry, and leaving their profession in droves. Co-pays, specialist visits and medication are more and more expensive, and people are dying rather than seeking medical care.

And the processed food industry thrives. Vape pens and fancy alcohol are the rage. Addiction to unhealthy fats and sugars – both natural and chemically produced – is epidemic. Organic vegetables, grass fed meat, wild caught seafood and proper nutritional supplements are twice the cost of pesticide riddled, soy and grain fed cattle, farmed fish fed an unnatural diet and mass produced generic medications. Processed food is cheap and everywhere.

The populace is getting fatter, and far less healthy than any time in recent history. Diabetes, heart disease, stroke and autoimmune disorders effect everybody, either directly or indirectly.

The World Health Organization focuses on vaccine and ignores nutrition and exercise. Vaccines are an effective tool aiding in the health and well being of humanity, but are far from our salvation.

We need to get healthy. Our species was not designed to be fat and idle. Plentiful, unhealthy sustenance pushed down our throats with little or no effort to acquire it, is what is killing us, overburdening our health care providers and institutions and creating financial ruin when our obese population crashes, and becomes a burden rather than productive members of society.

Our health care factories and those leading them have an infinite revenue producing streams of sick humans to exploit, and our government representatives are flowing with cash from lobbyists keeping the disease riddled, addicted money train rolling at full speed.

Take care of yourselves, folks. Nobody has our backs. It’s up to us to maintain our bodies to the best of our ability. Staying out of the health care machine unless absolutely unavoidable is the best medical advice available.



Michael Morse, [email protected], a monthly contributor is a retired Captain with the Providence Fire Department

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