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TO WORK: Lifeguards. Pawtucket public pool gets ready for families

The Veterans Park Pool is anticipated to be open in the first week in July. The splash pad at Payne Park is expected to open in the last week of June.

The city is busy recruiting staff members for the facility, and Pawtucket is offering incentives especially generous to attract employees working for this non-surf venue from July 2nd through August 21st for $17 per hour in addition to incentives for those who complete a full season as a lifeguard. 

They have a candidate who has successfully completed his certification through the City’s initiative to pay for certification classes and they continue interviewing more applicants.

Info for lifeguard positions:

The Pawtucket Parks and Recreation Division is looking for lifeguards to work at the Veteran’s Park Pool this summer from July 2 through August 21st. Certified lifeguards will earn $17 per hour in addition to cash incentives for those who complete a full season as a lifeguard with the City of Pawtucket.

This position requires a valid certification and special training in First Aid, CPR, and Lifesaving (non-surf is acceptable). Candidates are not required to be Pawtucket residents but must be 16 years of age or older and available to work on weekdays as well as weekends.

More details regarding this position is available through and by entering “Lifeguard – Pawtucket, RI” in the search option. Serious candidates may also contact the Recreation Office at 728-0500 ext 257 or send an email to John Blais at

Last year

In 2021, the pool opened and was primarily staff with firefighters and police officers who volunteered to go through the lifeguard training and certification.

See our story from the Pawtucket pool opening in 2021:

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