The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… this week in Rhode Island – 1/10/20

By Nancy Thomas


Patrick Kennedy

In an interview with a national news show, Kennedy talked about life after addiction and what he finds valuable – he talked about running around his dining room with whipped cream cupcakes with one of his five children as the highlight of his day. For those who experienced him at some of his worst times, we are happy to hear of  “life after” – and wish there were more victory stories like this told to those in recovery. If his wife wants to run for office, we hope no apple carts get upset in the process, and wish the family well.

The Sussex Royal

You’ve heard the desire of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to become independent earners and take their leave of senior royalty roles. Okay. They even started a new website – calling it, oddly enough –  We place this in the “good” section because we sort of love these guys and wish them well in how they are finding their way in the world. But we do fear that in their quest to leave the limelight of the media, they will draw that spotlight right to them. Just because you want to divorce your family doesn’t mean you can – or should.


Middletown Fire Response

We’ve been following the issue of inadequate staffing of the Middletown Fire Department – this week’s Middletown Town Council was well attended by people in the community who want this addressed as a near-emergency. The Town Council did not respond as partners of the community, and watching the video of the meeting was cringe-worthy.

Linc Chafee

We hate to put Lincoln Chafee in the “bad” list for tossing his hat into the ring for President – albeit this time a Libertarian hat. We’re sure he wants a voice on the issues of our time, and perhaps that’s very much needed. Speaking self-centeredly for Rhode Island, it’s all sort of embarrassing.  However, his speech at the National Press Club was anything – but! Watch it. It will be hard to disagree with anything he brings up.


Australia Fires

To make matters worse in this land down under on fire, police have charged at least 24 people for intentionally starting bushfires in the state of New South Wales. Another 183 people, 40 of whom are juveniles, have been charged for fire-related offenses, some with failing to comply with a total fire ban and some accused of discarding a lit cigarette or match on land.

No “World Peace”

Did you get a Christmas or holiday card with wishes for world peace written on it? Little white doves flying around with holly?  Did you listen and watch the evilness in the Middle East? This week’s developments leave us with a deep feeling that a world at war – and our role in it – will be going on throughout our lifetime – and our children’s – and theirs… There will never be “world peace”. (and, yes, we’ll still buy the cards and say our prayers).  

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