The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

This week in Rhode Island…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

The Good

Facebook News

Not everyone has it yet, but check on your mobile Facebook app – do you see a cityscape at the bottom – fourth icon from the left? If you do, bring it up and you will see a curated news selection for your local area and interests. We are really pleased that just yesterday our beautiful image by contributing photographer Jason Michalski caught their eye and we were featured in the news of the day!


We love it and rather than focus on many houses these days who turn off their lights and don’t participate, we buy our candy, put our black cats at the door, and enjoy every moment of it. Yes, fewer kids this year because they listened to the warnings of the weather people – but it was a rainless, gusty, balmy night – kind of spooky – kind of all about Halloween…and yes, Kit Kats were the candy of choice – again.

Nursing Home Staff

We hear about the negative all too much, but when you find those nurses and aides and activity directors who go above and beyond – and greet every day fully engaged and with a smile – well, we need to sing their praises – say thank you – let them know how precious they are to the lives of our loved ones. If you don’t have that atmosphere surrounding your loved one, then get busy and find it – it does exist out there. For those who do this work, they are a blessing for all of us, particularly our aged…and they should know it, and we hope they do.


There are times when challenges come out of nowhere and throw things into a tizzy. Those times are frightening. With the kindness of friends, you will see your way clear – as surely as things will happen in life that rattle you off your center. Sometimes those things that happen are no one’s fault – sometimes they really are – making the injury even deeper. Either way, move forward, and lean on those who have been leaning on you – or would never think that you need a little conversation and support. As for the Facebook community? This is when it shines. Simple conversations, notices of events to go to – stop kvetching, and as a colleague says, if you are feeling badly about things – give to someone else – it’s the elixir to feel better.

The Bad

Rep. Katie Hill – No #MeToo Here

Rep. Katie Hill insisted that she’s a victim of a misogynistic culture in her speech yesterday from congress. Seriously? She compares herself to men who have done worse things and remain in office or in the board room – regardless that her behavior was unprofessional, unethical, and maybe even illegal with a young staffer, etc. The comment by a supporter that “she was living her best life” stuns. No, you can’t take the #MeToo moniker whenever it suits you, and to explain away every bad thing that happens when bad things happen- especially when you created the mess knowingly and willingly, and apologies only come because you got caught.

Wyatt Detention Center One-Notes

One wonders how the ongoing demonstrations originated as a rallying call for the Jewish community, and has perpetuated with no clear evidence of any mal-treatment. Saying the Governor supports them is a misnomer, as what she said is she would support efforts against private prisons. We have none in RI including Wyatt. The Boston prison system has transferred even more prisoners to the Wyatt because they are “the worst of the worse” and the Boston facility is ill-equipped to house them adequately. Even when the AGs office announced the Grand Jury “no crime here” ruling, the efforts are digging in. One wonders if all this energy would be better spent on a positive group action, such as “adopting” an immigrant family to help them become legal, secure housing, education, jobs, etc. How many families could they help instead of engaging in “civil disobedience” outside a prison. The decision of the board just this week was to expand to accept more ICE detainees, and to reappoint their current leadership.

The Ugly

Chalices stolen because the doors are always open

Four chalices stolen from a Catholic Church. Suspect caught on camera and identified, though not yet caught. How appropriate that 3 intact chalices were returned just before All Souls Day – and the 4th is damaged but many offers of free repairs have been made. It used to be if you were in need, no matter how big or how small, a knock on a church parish would mobilize actions to hold you up in your time of need. Here’s a suggestion to those who think the only option is to rob, pillage, or turn to crime – knock on the door of a place of worship – any place. Let’s challenge the churches and synagogues to do what they used to do – and challenge ourselves to ask for help before destroying others’ lives and property.

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