Safety at URI Kingston campus – video voyeurism incidents

Four incidents of video voyeurism have been reported in the Rhode Island media. Two student dorms, Weldin and Butterfield, were identified as the location of the incidents. A man about 5’8”-5’10”, with dark curly hair and a stocky build is being looked for and the school has increased safety patrols in the area and in the dorms, especially in the evening.

Residents on campus have been said to have been notified, yet, as of the night of October 29th, there was no mention of the incidents or extra words of caution on the university website, Facebook, or Twitter. 

Last weekend the university held Alumni and Family Weekend.

The Safety page of the website states there are “no recent emergency alerts; conditions are normal”.

The number to call on the URI Campus to report an incident or to summon assistance is 401.874.2121

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