Symbols of Hate: NAACP Speaks Out

By Jim Vincent, President, NAACP-Providence Branch

The NAACP would like to thank the City of Providence for acting quickly and decisively when a noose was discovered and reported at the DPW on Monday.  The alleged perpetrators were identified, and punishment was swift and sure with one individual being terminated and the other subject to a suspension.

Over the last three years throughout America, the number of instances of hate have risen rapidly. Our nation is as racially divided now as it was over 50 years ago.

In America, one of the most potent racist symbols is the noose which symbolizes the lynching of black people by racist white supremacists who sought to bring fear and intimidation to black families, in general, and black men, in particular. 

In a just society, these symbols of hatred and division cannot be tolerated.

Though we applaud the City of Providence for their swift actions, we urge the City to consider mandatory racial diversity training for all City employees.

The NAACP remains optimistic that we will get past this period of racial division and someday see America live up to its promise that all men and women are created equal!

Jim Vincent is in his 5th term as the president of the NAACP Providence Branch. He is also the producer and host of the Jim Vincent Television Show.