Shop at “Stages of Freedom” and support Swim Empowerment

Stages of Freedom is open for your holiday shopping. Lots of great, unique items for the holidays and all proceeds support Swim Empowerment.

Swim Empowerment addresses the fact that black youth in Rhode Island are estimated to drown at five times the rate of white youth. Free swimming lessons at eight facilities in Rhode Island are supported by the fundraising and sales efforts of Stages of Freedom.

“Stages” is run by Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ray Rickman, and Co-Founder and Program Director, Robb Dimmick

The Mission of Stages of Freedom:

1) To provide youth of color access to swimming programs in order to reduce the number of drownings in the minority community. 

2) To build community by creating and providing programming about Black Rhode Island life and culture to a wide audience.

3)  To educate and empower inner-city youth by providing cultural opportunities and access to museums and live performance.

The new window design which is on two of their windows was done by RISD Senior Satya Varghese Mac.

Stages of Freedom is open Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, go to:

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