“Ron & Jen’s Great Escape” – 2-23-2022 – Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien, commentary

Spiritual Engine Light

For many people (over the age of 35) the world collapses when we get into our cars heading out somewhere and the engine light comes on. I mean, for me at 53 it’s a cerebral nightmare. The thoughts of how to avoid shady mechanics, how I’ll spend tons of money, and worry over lack of transportation start swirling through my head. It’s breathtaking. I need oxygen. 

Yet, when our well is cracked and dry inside of us, and our spiritual engine light comes on, often we blow it off. I believe all people at some young age have a knowing of right and wrong deep inside. I’m talking a KNOWING. We grow and learn and that ” knowing” develops. As adults before we all do something there’s typically a moment of pause. Think about it in your own life. Where that “thing” inside of us that for one sec’ goes off right before we do something where there’s a “knowing”.  Whether the “thing” says “are you sure”, or “maybe you shouldn’t” or ” just don’t” or “why not”, or WHATEVER that thing is in us that checks in. That, my friends, is our “spiritual engine light”. 

When we don’t give that enough time – when we blow it off and do what WE want without acknowledging it we run the risk of large problems or grand mistakes. If we blow off the engine light in our cars, eventually that car ceases to run as its elements shut down one by one, or in dramatic fashion the whole thing could  just go – kaput. 

When we blow off the spiritual engine light in us (which is a built in feature, btw) eventually we will stop working the way we were designed. Next time your engine light comes on, work with it. For someone who sees great suffering out in the world and is deeply grieved over it, and has been to hell and back ,I know first-hand what happens when you blow off a “spiritual engine light”. I still hit potholes and require routine maintenance, but I take care of the thing which allows my heart to beat peacefully as I navigate this complex world. 

Don’t ignore your own spiritual engine light. You don’t wanna end up in the breakdown lane regretting not paying attention to the warning on your inner dashboard.

Just my 2 cents (Jen)

 Shades of the Stepford Wives!

Communities with a thought of “Disney Magic” may soon be coming to a neighborhood near you. Disney plans to build master-planned “Story living” communities, with the first being set for scenic Rancho Mirage, California, a mere 102 miles from DISNEYLAND. Apparently Walt and his bride owned a home in nearby Coachella Valley. This and future communities will be designed by Disney Imagineers and will be associated with Disney cast members trained in Disney guest services. The community will feature single family homes, condos, and a special section for residents 55-plus. Other features include shopping, dining and Disney entertainment as well as a crystal clear lake (manmade, of course) at the center. I wonder if you’ll have to sit in line an hour before being allowed entry to your home.

Rhody Ranker

Wallet-Hub took a look at the Most and Least Educated States in the U.S. and FOUR of the New England states made the top ten. Massachusetts is first, Connecticut third, Vermont, fifth, and New Hampshire  eighth.  Rhode Island came in 15th. Hey, at least we did better than Maine, which came in 21st.

What the Rock is Cookin’

If you wondered why Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson kicked off a pep talk at the start of Super Bowl 56 (as we did) there’s a reason. Johnson’s head of the re-vamped (in other words HERE WE GO AGAIN) XFL, and now there’s a partnership between the league and the NFL> The XFL will become the equivalent of a petri dish to experiment with new rules, test new equipment and develop prospective coaches and officials. Vince McMahons XFL which launched in 2001 and folded minutes afterwards wasn’t a complete bust. Those overhead cameras you see on cables high above the action (we call them the flying cameras) were developed for Mr. McMahon’s fledgling league.

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Jen Brien has over 20 years of radio broadcast experience having hosted shows on WPRO and WHJJ with Ron as well as her own shows on WRKO and WBZ in Boston, WXTK on Cape Cod and WHAM in Rochester, New York. Jen was born and raised in Woonsocket and served six years in the Army MP Canine Unit.

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