“Ron & Jen’s Great Escape” – 11-24-2021 – Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre & Jen Brien, commentary


That concept – not conforming- not blending in – not following the  “pack mentality” of this world is a truth my pastor has taught me. I’ve never really fit in. I’ve never been part of the right high school crowd, team, club, whatever. And the thing is – I never gave a crap about that. I’d hide in a stall in the girls’ bathroom at Mount, smoke my Marlboros, and listen to the “popular girls” gossip. I felt sorry for them. 

Fast forward 35 years. I still don’t give a crap. I march to the beat of my own drum; mean what I say, try to live a life that makes God proud every day. Some days I get it right. Some days I miss the mark. I’m human. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. I say all this to say Thanksgiving is tomorrow. The far out left wants you to hate this day. To hate this nation. To hate each other. Nope – ain’t gonna happen. I’m not blending in. I value this day. I’m grateful for this nation. I’m grateful for the time I have with my mother. I’m grateful for corporate prayer and worship. I’m grateful for the hot food that will be on my plate. I’m grateful for football games starting at 10:30am! I’m grateful to be alive, to have survived alcoholism and long term sexual trauma. I’m grateful for this column, and best friend, Ron. 

Those people and institutions can try and try and try to make you conform and steal your joy on this blessed day of thanks – but don’t let them. It’s not about their agenda – It’s about gratitude for all we are allowed to have and do and be.

So goes a man’s heart , so goes the man. 

I hope your heart is overflowing today.

I honestly pray that is true for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


A Quinnipiac University poll says two thirds of those surveyed don’t want to talk politics this Thanksgiving. 66% say they’re hoping to avoid politics while visiting with family and friends. Believe it or not, 21% say they’re looking forward to it.


Last year most folks did their Black Friday shopping online thanks to the pandemic. This year things will be back to normal… sort of… so why not help support local businesses that took it on the chin last Christmas season. We realize it’s easy to just stay at home in our sweatpants and not burn another $3.45 gallon of gas so why not meet in the middle?  50% online and 50% local brick and mortar stores. It’d sure make a difference for local retailers….and you can still don your sweatpants if you like.


Props to TARGET for announcing they’ll remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, permanently,  moving forward. Of course, In Rhode Island the subject is moot thanks to blue laws. The retailer shut its doors last Thanksgiving for COVID-19 safety concerns and started offering holiday discounts earlier in October. TARGET stores will open at 7am Black Friday.


David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez are among the list of 13 first time candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Baseball Writers Association will likely ponder long and hard on both players. A-Rod admitted taking steroids from 2010-2012 (as was suspected of using PED’s long before that time period) while Big Papi’s name showed up on baseball’s MITCHELL REPORT as a PED user in 2003. MLB’s current substance rules didn’t go into effect until 2004 so Ortiz falls into a gray area. Both have stats that would normally allow them to cruise into the Hall on the first ballot, but the discussion gets more complicated thanks to this dark cloud over both players. That concept – not conforming – not blending in- not following the  “pack mentality” of this world is a truth my pastor has taught me. 


Ron St. Pierre is a veteran broadcaster whose career has spanned over four decades. Ron has programmed, performed on and managed WHJJ, WPRO, WWRX, 790 The Score in Providence, as well as WBZT and WKGR in West Palm Beach and WABC in New York City. Ron also anchored sports on WPRI Ch 12 in Providence. He is a member of both the Rhode Island Radio and Television and the City of Pawtucket Halls of Fame. He was born and raised in Pawtucket.

Jen Brien has over 20 years of radio broadcast experience having hosted shows on WPRO and WHJJ with Ron as well as her own shows on WRKO and WBZ in Boston, WXTK on Cape Cod and WHAM in Rochester, New York. Jen was born and raised in Woonsocket and served six years in the Army MP Canine Unit.

Hazel, Ron’s dog, makes regular appearances.

“Ron and Jen’s Great Escape” podcast, a more lighthearted reaction to the events happening around us, can be found on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts, with new episodes premiering Mondays and Wednesdays.

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  1. R. C. Cartwright on November 24, 2021 at 2:55 pm

    What great advise, glad you over came the issues life threw in your path. Big Papa in A-Rod no.
    This is the Day the Lord hath made, be glad in it…
    Thank You