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Ron and Jen’s Great Escape – 7-6-2022 – Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien

by Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien, contributing writers, commentary

If you hate America so much, you can leave

Well, another 4th of July in the books… and, another year of people being insanely misguided, spoiled and claiming this country is just the worst. I’m not surprised people were discouraged this year, or even a smidge cynical, but the hating on America this go round by high profile people was disturbing. Before I make the next statement, know, I’m an Independent voter after being a lifelong Democrat.

I didn’t see any conservatives bash America this year,  but I sure saw a crap ton of progressives/liberals rip this nation to shreds. The thing that gets lost on me is that the very things coming out of their mouths would get you beheaded in some countries, thrown in prison for life in others, or if you’re lucky in some oppressive nations you’d just get a hand cut off. Do they not get that?! This is just ONE REASON America is awesome. 

To be honest, I really don’t think Michael Moore or Jessica Chastain hates America. They know they need it to be someone. I’m convinced these moments expose them for who they really are. Acts. They are lovers of attention, people who need to be seen and have an insatiable want to be considered relevant. They use times like NOW in our culture and politics to their advantage. If they HATED AMERICA SO MUCH they’d leave, but they don’t. They NEVER LEAVE. NOTICE THAT? The world is a big place; they could disappear and never be heard from again. That’s not the goal. The goal is press. 

Honestly, if only they would leave and take Joy Reid, the “VIEW” gals, and Cher with them, America would truly be a more peaceful place to live. 

Just my 3 cents.

Til next week friends,


Are we on the brink?

As we celebrated our 246th birthday this week, I wondered how many more we have in our future. I’m talking as a unified country. Look around and all we see is division, vengefulness and violence. We hear “social influencers” and trendy writers and talk show hosts bloviate about the potential of civil war. The Red tribe over here, and the Blue tribe over there. But you know what? It’s really been like that for 246 years. The big difference now is the number of professional chatterboxes prone to braggadocio spewing balderdash that we as a nation are doomed. This country’s not perfect. Never has been and likely never will be even in a romanticized memory of a chicken in every pot. We can work through this. We have in the past. We just have to be willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work.

Let the babies drink the milk

A Harvard CAPS-Harris poll says seven in 10 Americans don’t want President Biden to run for a second term as his approval numbers wallow beneath Captain Nemo’s Nautilus and as his party braces for a red Tsunami this November. A majority of respondents – 61% – also say former President Trump shouldn’t run in 2024 either.

Nathan’s In-famous

Is there anything more disgusting than the annual Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island?  14-time “champ” Joey Chestnut came away the winner again winning it for the 15th time downing 63 dogs in 10 minutes. We’re just grateful not to be in the Chestnut household the morning of the 5th after his morning coffee.


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