RI Weather Today, Nov. 12, 2019

by Jack Donnelly, meteorologist

Tuesday will start innocently enough, warm morning temperatures in the lower 50’s with light southwesterly breezes under a high overcast. The weather will turn south and grow ugly by late morning, light rain beginning just before noon and brisk gusty winds shifting from southwesterly to northwesterly along a potent cold front sweeping through the area. Light rain will last until about 4pm and then transition over to light snow for an hour or two before ceasing, maybe a wind-blown dusting left behind. A noticeable drop in dewpoints will follow the frontal passage, diving deep into the single digits by 9pm at about 3 degrees per hour, with air  temperatures to follow, plummeting to the mid-teens along with the same brisk winds, chill readings flirting with negative digits in the dark and cold overnight hours!

If anything, this arctic blast will prepare us for the long frigid months that lay ahead.