RI News for you – what you want to know on April 7, 2022

by Nancy Thomas



Hospitalization is at its lowest since the very beginning of the pandemic.

$10B in COVID relief coming – $5billion for treatment development – $5B for other programs related to COVID – far less than the funding requested.

The risk of myocarditis is 150 times from COVID as opposed to the vaccine.

Sweden is being recognized for their COVID approach (they did not close schools or lock down, with only a few mandates, and was highly criticized by worldwide medical establishments).

A new study suggests the subvariant of Omicron causes more severe disease in unvaccinated children than previous strains of COVID-19. Also, less than 10% of children over 5 in some parts of the US are vaccinated – the average is about 32%.

Medicare will allow free over-the counter COVID tests at drugstores.

Commerce Sect. Gina Raimondo tests positive and has mild symptoms.

Attorney General Merrick Garland tests positive, at 69, and is having no symptoms. 2nd cabinet level member of White House to test positive in recent days.

National research will intensify on long COVID, which causes disability in some.

The new nationwide Test to Treat initiative provides quick access to free treatment for COVID-19. Through this program, people can get tested and – if they are positive and treatments are appropriate for them – receive a prescription from a health care provider, and have their prescription filled all at one location. There are hundreds of locations nationwide – a call center 1-800-232-0233 is available every day from 8:00 am to midnight ET to get help in more than 150 other languages.

A new study suggests the subvariant of Omicron causes more severe disease in unvaccinated children than previous strains of COVID-19. Also, less than 10% of children over 5 in some parts of the US are vaccinated – the average is about 32%.

U.K. has reached record levels, with about 1 in 13 people estimated to be infected with the virus in the past week, according to the latest figures from Britain’s official statistics agency. Some 4.9 million people were estimated to have the coronavirus in the week ending March 26

Daniel Craig contracts COVID-19, canceling Broadway “Macbeth” performance

New York City’s mask mandate is still on for children under 5 years old in day care centers and preschools.

New research into 2nd booster shows effects may only last 4-6 weeks.

CDC says future boosters may be variant specific, and not general, similar to how the flu shot is different every time you get it to address the new variant.

A survey queried 2,028 U.S. adults to see who is willing to get another booster if recommended:

  • 73% of baby boomers, 48% of Gen Zers
  • 68% of Democrats, 54% of Republicans
  • 54% of Black people, 43% of Hispanic people, 73% of Asian people, and 65% of white people


MLB recognizes opening day today.

12th staff member of VP Kamala Harris has left the office.

Two men were arrested for impersonating Secret Service. They were providing luxury items to members of the Secret Service, including selling a rifle to a member of the First Lady’s detail – more to follow.

FBI says it has removed malware planted by Russian cybersecurity experts to hack US systems.

5,000 adults and hundreds of children have been killed in Mariupol. Russians are now moving in with a mobile crematorium to burn bodies and remove evidence.

The US Postal Reform Act will be signed today to provide long term support to the postal system,

Jen Psaki, White House spox, leaving to go to MSNBC as a commentator – rumor that she will replace Rachel Maddow.

Secret Service are protecting Hunter Biden at a home in Malibu which they must rent for $30K a month. Biden’s rent for his house is $20K/month.

The White House will host the wedding of Pres. Biden’s granddaughter – Hunter Biden’s granddaughter – in November.

Electric vehicles can save you $80/month on gas – if the vehicle costs $50k, that would take you 52 years to break even.

San Francisco mass shooting after a nightclub let out – 6 dead, approx. 25 injured.

Sarah Palin, past presidential candidate/Gov of Alaska, will run for US Representative seat.

Celebrated U.S. cellist Yo-Yo Ma joined refugees from the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in the Portuguese capital Lisbon on Tuesday for a performance of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Ma joined young Afghan and Portuguese musicians on a small stage at the National Conservatory, where the refugees who arrived last December are studying.

While Disney seeks to expand to include diverse and LGBTQ characters, they are also expanding into 9 countries were homosexuality is not allowed.

Student loan moratorium now extended through end of August

Over 40,000 Fiskar electric vehicles have been reserved – The Fisker Ocean One and Fisker Ocean Extreme are priced at $68,999 each

The recognition of Ramaden began in the Middle East.

An unstable apartment building in North Miami has had their residents evacuated.

Tiger Woods says he will play in the Masters starting at 10:34am today.

Pope Francis said he was considering going to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Bruce Willis, 67, has announced his retirement from acting, due to his diagnosis of aphasia.

Elon Musk purchased 9% of Twitter’s stock, and speaks out about how changes need to be made in the protection of first amendment rights. Within days he was named to the board of Twitter.

GM and Honda teaming up to make affordable, under $30K, electric vehicles.

On World Health Day, WHO/Europe held a press briefing on the health situation in Ukraine and WHO’s support to the Ukrainian health system while standing in solidarity with the country’s health workers.

Jet Blue makes bid to buy Spirit Airlines

Sect. of Defense said the war in Ukraine could last for years, but maybe not decades.

Poland has come out with a book “Be Ready. Guidebook for Crisis and War” to help people prepare for another country’s invasion.

Title 42 impacting immigration at the border could release 1/2 million a month – called a border “invasion” – Texas Governor Abbott held a news conference addressing this, saying that he will charter 900 buses to transport those who come over the border direct to Washington, DC. Gov. DeSantis followed up by saying he will do the same in Florida, where immigrants have been flown in several times – he will send any to Deleware (President’s home state).

US sanctions on Russian banking have impacted the adult children of Putin

Amazon announced it will work to provide internet, worldwide, through space satellites in the next 5 years.




It will be mask-optional for Providence schools, starting on Monday.

In MA, approx. 34% of children over 5 are vaccinated.

In MA, the new breakdown of numbers for COVID admissions, etc. shows that there were 53 admissions of children in 2020 from the flu – with 39 from COVID. There were 49 flu admissions in 2019. Among the 39, only 3 had a co-diagnosis of pneumonia.  Multisystem inflammatory conditions in 2021 impacted 1 child. 14 other cases of multisystem inflammatory disease occurred in children without COVID.

Governor Dan McKee & Lt. Governor Sabina Matos served lunch to the community at Amos House, serving the homeless, unemployed, and those living in poverty on Tuesday. The Governor will highlight his budget proposal that includes $10 million to the Rhode Island Foundation to help nonprofit organizations address needs that have been exacerbated by COVID-19, including housing and food insecurity.

Gina Raimondo, Commerce Sect. has COVID, with minimal symptoms.


The 106th Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is returning to New Bedford in 2022. The four-day

event will take place on August 4-7 at the Madeira Feast Grounds in New Bedford’s North End.

New Bedford’s Portuguese Feast Faces Challenges in 2022

Quonset will add a location for HeliService – a helicopter service for getting work crews to and from wind turbines in the area.

PC Basketball Coach Cooley wins Naismith Award

A fire took place at Charlesgate Nursing Home, with one person taken to the hospital

Opening Day of Red Sox/Yankees will now be on Friday.

Johnston RI voters approve $210 bond referendum creating a renovation or construction of its entire school system buildings. $210 million school construction and renovation bond proposal Tuesday. The schools master plan calls for moving all elementary-school students into a new elementary school and building a new early childhood education center. It would also renovate the Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School and Johnston High School.

Javier Montanez named permanent Supt of schools in Providence

RI Suburban News bought 2 newspapers in Connecticut.

The Newport Daily News announced it will not print on Wednesdays going forward.

The Diocese of Worcester has instructed one of its schools to take down all flags other than the U.S. flags – failure to do so could jeopardize their participation as a Diocesan school.

The Dorrance restaurant moves from Providence to Newport

Excessive honking would be illegal if a bill passes at the RI State House

Rep. Deborah Ruggiero of Jamestown announces for Lt. Governor office.

Stanley’s in Central Falls will reopen in the next few weeks

The College of Holy Cross will name a building after Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci is an alum.

Oasis International had to cancel a field trip to Washington, D.C. because so many spots in the city are closed or restricted. They will take field trips locally instead.


Estelle Harris, 93, character actor, most known for playing the role of George’s mother in Seinfeld.

Bobby Rydell dies at 79, of complications of pneumonia.

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