Power4Tomorrow – National Grid’s Downtown Providence Projects

Power4Tomorrow, the Downtown Reliability Project is designed to replace the existing underground transmission lines with modern electrical equipment. Located within existing rights-of-way – including travel lanes and sidewalks, the projects run along South Main Street, North Main Street, Charles Street and Admiral Street, in Providence. The project will replace lines that were installed in 1939 and 1946 and have reached the end of their useful life.

The major construction project of National Gridis responding to demands for active and open communication between National Grid and affected area residents, businesses, community groups, and town officials.

They have launched a number of communication efforts for the public to receive information and interact with the Power4Tomorrow project team. One Open House/Public Information Session was held on November 18th.  A second is scheduled for:

December 11, 2019, 5:30-7:30pm
Providence Marriott Downtown (One Orms Street, Providence)

National Grid has a website page for the project and invites people to review the plans. Visit the ‘Connect With Us‘ page on this website to learn more.

National Grid’s Power4Tomorrow: Downtown Reliability Project says it
is an investment in the city’s electrical transmission infrastructure aimed at reinforcing the safe and reliable delivery of power throughout the Downtown Providence area, and beyond, for years to come”.

Some details of construction are listed here:

  • Replacement of approximately two miles of existing 115kV transmission lines (installed in 1939 and 1946) located between the corner of Clarkson Street and Admiral Street Cable Terminal and Dollar Street in Providence
  • Replacement of a majority of the existing manhole locations with duct bank (underground conduit), resulting in the elimination of approximately 44 manholes
  • Re-use of approximately 60% of existing duct bank to install modern underground cables
  • Significant equipment upgrades inside Admiral St. Cable terminal to support this project

Construction is expected to start in spring 2020 and take approximately 18-24 months to complete. National Grid will work closely with city and state officials to develop a traffic management plan and will coordinate with other entities (e.g. RIPTA) whose services will be directly impacted by this construction.

Of course, the problem always seems to be a lack of coordination or communication between the City of Providence, National Grid, and the Providence Water Authority, often resulting in repeated ripping up of roads, repairing, etc., if only to see it ripped up again by the next utility or road project.

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