Patriotism. By the people, for the people. – by Michael Morse

by Michael Morse, contributing writer – commentary

Patriots? How dare you call yourself patriots? Patriots do not rally around a man, they rally around an ideal. They rally around a threat to decency, courage, compassion, service, pride and freedom. Patriots do not wrap themselves in flags with another person’s name on it, they carry the colors of their country, their history, their shared belief that no man is bigger than the laws of the land, on their backs. 

Patriots do not storm buildings, they do not desecrate the machinations and inner workings of their republic. Patriots do not act on emotion alone; they use their emotion to carry out well planned, well vetted, well discussed, and when there are no more options, well executed rebellion against tyranny.

Our fringe right has joined our fringe left in creating anarchy. Neither is better than the other. Both have proven unworthy of anything but scorn. President Trump squandered his opportunity to drain the swamp by failing to prove his allegations of mass voter fraud. He allowed his ego to destroy his message, and in doing so threw his supporters in the trash.

So now we have a golden opportunity to turn our backs on the left, and the right, to find true common ground, to reject the fringe, and recreate that which made this country great. 

It is time to personify patriotism. Not Donald Trump’s vision, not Joe Biden’s past failures, rather something created by the people responsible for making America work. 

We have reached rock bottom. Time to start climbing out of the pit of despair, one step at a time, not afraid to carry when needed, or be carried when necessary. 

All of us have a lot to learn from each other. Nobody is 100% right, or wrong. The time is upon us. Let us begin to define patriotism in our image, not theirs. We can carry each other to greatness. 

It is past time to start.


Michael Morse spent 23 years as a firefighter/EMT with the Providence Fire Department before retiring in 2013 as Captain, Rescue Co. 5. He is an author of several books, most offering fellow firefighter/EMTs and the general population alike a poignant glimpse into one person’s journey through life, work and hope for the future. He is a Warwick resident.


  1. Espo1234 on January 7, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    very nice!- However when a group watches the “summer of love” filled with Hatred for America ,raciest views against white people, burning, looting harassments of innocent folks who are just trying to enjoy a meal. What did we think was going to happen?? The group on the right was being appressed throughout and harassed during this time. And the left not only did not criticize the far left behavior, but by their silence they seem to endorse it.
    This is the out come. We sow what we reap.

    Without term limits-As long as the same people who are in charge today are in charge tomorrow nothing will change..
    Welcome to the Socialist’s United States of

  2. Jeff Gross on January 7, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    The election is indeed stolen. My feeling is the worse is yet to come!

    • gerry larrivee on January 7, 2021 at 9:28 pm

      Indeed. trump’s gross incompetency, ineptitude born of ignorance and sloth, his entire lack of empathy…humanity – should have nothing to do with how more people voted for Biden.