A trout is sitting on a wooden deck next to a fishing tackle box, enjoying the peacefulness of fishing.

Outdoors in RI: Fishing a judge of sportsmanship, Maine flood recovery, busy 2A days – Jeff Gross

by Jeff Gross, contributing writer

Photo, top: Jason Hunter

This warm and wild weather may not allow for ice fishing, however, people with rod and reel are doing well.  Numerous large trout in the 20-inch range are being caught around Rhode Island. These trout were stocked for the Veterans Day Holiday and the fish are exceptional. An attempt was made to go last Sunday, however, life got in the way and a monsoon storm as well.  Not only are there hefty trout in the Rhode Island waters, but some nice size Sebago Salmon are hooking up as well. A brightly colored spoon works well for the Salmon. If you have Christmas week off – the weather looks like decent trout fishing weather during mid-week. For a good look at the Salmon and trout being caught check out “a better 401 fishing” on Facebook.


A significant number of complaints are voiced as of late regarding poaching before morning hunting hours start for Pheasants.  I would recommend confronting the individuals as it is possible that they are unaware of the hunting start time.  A friendly lesson may be all that is needed, however if the situation escalates, and they are indeed poaching, then whip out the cell phone and carefully video the interaction. I do not tolerate poaching, period!  I will confront anyone that is, after the determination is made that the error wasn’t an honest mistake. As for all of you, your reports are significant. Those hunters firing shots 10 minutes before start time need to be stopped. Those hunters running their dogs 10 minutes before start time need to be stopped as well, as one report has 2 guys and dogs flushing 3 Pheasants out of a field. 

If this is accurate, the DEM stocking folks work hard to stock these birds in a manner for quality hunting. Why these guys were harassing the birds is beyond me, but that needs to end. You’re not being a Karen by asking these poachers or non-sportsmen to desist in their behavior. Keep enforcement on speed dial. By helping to stop them you are adhering to the defining qualities of sportsmen and women. Another way to look at it: when Dunkin’ has a line of 10 people – would you let someone waltz in off the street and go to the front of the line cutting everyone?  I didn’t think so. By taking a stand against these non-sportsmen in the end you will enjoy days of walking out of the fields with your limit. 

Abby, now 13 months old, has put up 13 birds and we have taken 9. Our shooting has improved over previous years which is aiding in Abby’s training.  She is also like a bull in a china shop when crashing into the thicket after a downed bird. Some of the retrieving is finding its way into the house as Abby’s new game is to fetch the Annalee Christmas figures from around the Christmas tree.

Maine storm recovery

We will be enjoying some warmer weather here in RI, as will Maine.  Maine was slammed with a Biblical storm that RI endured, however, Maine’s situation is 100 times worse. Hallowell, Maine as of yesterday was under 12 to 15 feet of raging water from the Kennebec River. Farmington Maine was under 15 to 18 feet of water. For those of you who Vacation in Maine Farmington is 12 miles from Mexico Maine. The East Outlet out of Moosehead lake was 8 Feet above normal. For those Mainers suffering from now day #4 of no power, Cushnoc Brewing Co. Annex has pizza and heat.  Dave of Attleboro, MA a patron and good friend of Cushnoc was kind enough to forward the photo of the Brewing Co in Augusta that was under 12-15 feet of water in the back. Thinking of pizza this writer realized at 7 pm Thursday he did not eat lunch nor dinner, fortunately he had Saturday’s pheasant marinating in teriyaki and Pinot Grigio marinade.  Firing up the outdoor grill and preparing Chedder Broccoli rice, and it was Bon Appetit.  Abby thought the pheasant tasted great as well. Each time I gave her a piece she would smack her lips to get every hint of flavor. Survival hint: You do not electricity to cook on your outdoor grill. Putting the grill on high heats up well – even in 29F outdoor temperatures.  Plus the hot food tastes great. 

A number of Mainers were checked on, though not all have responded yet. Those that responded, expressed gratitude for the check in to ensure they were safe. Mercedes of Belgrade Lakes, ME said they were without power for about 4 days.  She also stated she had a challenging time finding a road back home on Monday that wasn’t blocked with fallen tress, or flooded out. Mark of Moosehead Lake had to employ a Kabota Tractor and a Custom-Built Jeep to cross a wash-out on his private road. There is nothing more satisfying than extending a random act of kindness for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. This act causes the person(s) to feel needed and appreciated. I am hearing a lot of people coming together to help all neighbors out in Maine.  It is time to rid ourselves of the Communist behaviors going on right now in our country and return to the values that made us the greatest country in the world.

Like every Thursday, the 2A world is busy:

The Anti-gun mob and the city of Baltimore are suing the BATF to force them to release all firearm traces that involve criminal use of stolen firearms. Jared, of Guns and Gadgets, asserts that it is likely that Everytown for gun safety wants the original firearm owner information such as name, address etc. to possibly sue the original gun owner in the same manner that gun companies are being sued for the violent acts perpetrated by criminals. I believe Jared is correct as he feels that the anti-gun mob has nefarious intent.  I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment.

In California, again, more of the state’s anti-gun laws were struck down as a result of the Bruen decision. This time the ruling involved California’s “sensitive places” that were off limits to those wanting to protect their family and friends by exercising their inalienable rights to self-defense with a concealed handgun. One of the noteworthy places the ruling reopened to concealed carry is state parks and state lands in California. RI DEM take heed. The DEM will lose the RI ban to carry concealed on state lands case. Down the road the RI DEM and State of Rhode Island will have a civil class action lawsuit against them by gun owners, similar to this writer’s part in the civil case initiated against the State of Massachusetts with regard to Massachusetts Red Flag Laws.  Take heed, RIDEM friends, there is time to throw in the towel!  

I feel I can speak for all of Rhode Island and say that all folks in the Great State of Maine are in our prayers. And those in Rhode Island and the region who are dealing with mother nature’s latest fierce visit.

Moreso, I want to wish everyone the Merriest Christmas possible.  – Jeff


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Jeffrey “Jeff” Gross spent 21 years as an Analytical Chemist at the USCG R&D Center in Groton, Connecticut, Woods Hole Laboratories, and Helix Technologies. Changing careers is a “great learning experience for everyone”, Jeff says, and I’m an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, a student of the sciences, and the world. The US holds too many wonders not to take a chance and explore them”.Jeff is the Model Train and Railroad entrepreneur. Proud Golden Retriever owner. Ultra strong Second Amendment Advocate and Constitutionalist. “Determined seeker of the truth”. Jeff is a RIFGPA Legislative and Legal Officer, Freshwater Chairman, NRA Liaison.His subjects include Outdoors, Second Amendment, Model Railroading, and Whimsical.