Friday Fishing Tips – Jeff Gross

by Jeff Gross, contributing writer

April 7th was opening day of Trout season in Little Rhody. From the pictures shown on the internet and “A Better 401 Fishing”, the people who were fortunate to get out and fish did fairly well. We’ll see how the results are this weekend.

The day was a success there were no known boating accidents like in other years. kayakers appear to be very diligent in wearing their Personal Flotation Devices “PFDs” 

Tip #1 – It is critical for kayakers and canoeists to wear PFDs at this time of year as the water temp is -40 degrees and hypothermia sets in within 5 minutes. Any pond or lake that you are will be at least 5 minutes from shore, via swimming. If you capsize and are not wearing a PFD you are in grave danger as muscle control/dexterity is rapidly reduced and one becomes a victim very quickly.

The RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) included Lake Tiogue, Wallum Lake, and Spring Grove Pond on their Trout stocking agenda this year. As one can see in the pictures, numerous people had a successful day with many fish caught – and even a few trophies that may find their way to the taxidermist. While not a violation it is recommended to keep each person’s catch separate. 

Tip #2 – If one is standing there with a friend and all are keeping their catch in a bucket or stringer and one person goes for a nature call then the individual standing there is in possession of all the fish. If it is more than 5 Trout it is a violation. So, bring 2 buckets or 2 stringers to avoid any unwanted problems as your buddy can take his or hers with them if they go for a Dunkin’ run.

This writer was fortunate to catch a 30-pounder on an ultra light rod with 6 lb test. The line and rod did not give up the fight nor did the hooks on the orange Mepps spinner as well. The log did put up a fight as it took a few minutes to bring in and the rod was completely bent over in half. Thank the design engineers for the strength of a 5′ Shakespeare Ugly stik! Hopefully this type of catch does not continue this season.


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