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First Twitter staff meeting – what it will be like to work for Elon Musk

Here is the YouTube video of Elon Musk’s entire “meeting” with the staff at Twitter.

He talks about why he loves Twitter – why he thinks freedom of speech and freedom of reach is so important – extreme left and extreme right are allowed – within the bounds of the law.

Musk – “I can be extremely literally in what I say – someone does not need to read between the lines, just read the lines.” – to know what I mean.

1500 people at Twitter work remote – he responds to his recent mandate that Tesla workers return to the office or quit – by saying that Twitter is not making cars. “If you’re work output is exceptional, then some remote work is acceptable – but the bias is towards in-person work.”

Layoffs – “The company needs to get healthy – right now the costs exceed revenue – that’s not a healthy situation to be in, or Twitter is not viable, and cannot grow.”

Political views – “My political views are moderate, pretty close to the center of how people fall. I’m in favor of moderate politics – allowing people to express extreme views in the boundaries of the law.”

“One thing about words, is that it is hard to convey tone. I’m not an angry person. I almost never raise my voice – maybe it’s been a year since I last raised my voice. Emojis can help describe tone – maybe we need an irony flag.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be CEO at Twitter – I labeled myself “Techno-King” at Tesla”

What does success look like? “Indicator of success is to get Twitter users up to 1 billion. Is Twitter helping civilization and consciousness? Is Twitter contributing to a better long-lasting society.”

He ended by saying he would return for a Part 2.

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