First arrest made in beating of Providence driver

Shyanne Boisvert, of North Providence, was arrested yesterday and faces charges including simple assault and disorderly conduct in the beating of a Providence driver. Boisvert, who was allegedly driving an off-road bike on Valley Street, along with a group of approximately 10 other drivers, surrounded a car with a woman in her 30s and an 8 year old child in the car, pulling the woman to the ground and beating her. The crime was captured on video.

Boisvert was arrested in Cranston in January of 2021 for another bike incident at an Atwood Avenue intersection, where a woman driving an SUV was surrounded by Boisvert and other bikers, and a responding police officer had his legs run over.

Boisvert is on probation from the Cranston incident. She has a podcast called Shystuntsssradio – started in March of this year:

This is a developing story…

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  1. Boisvert is Evil on August 6, 2021 at 8:31 pm

    Animal, give her MUCH jail time, sounds like a nasty person