Discover Beautiful Rhode Island – The Newport Bridge

By Jason Michalski


Professional sleep experts will tell you that if you truly can’t sleep, you should get up and do something until you are tired again – maybe read or have a small snack or drink of water. Our photographer friend, takes this advice to heart – more than most of us would – and we benefit for it.

“When you can’t sleep, and you decide to feed your passion. I just have wicked bad insomnia. It’s pretty awful.” – Jason Michalski, photographer

The Newport Bridge in the middle of the night

… such silence, and then you hear it – the muted cacophony of sound – rhythmic lapping of water, dull clunks of metal upon wood, creaking of steel struts, a distant truck engine running in the night…fall’s leaves rustle in distant trees…a night fish jumps…headlights peak out at the end of all this silence…a shiver of awesome, fearsome, surrender…to go back…to sleep on all this wonder. – NT

Photography by Jason Michalski

Jason is a US Marine veteran, portrait and landscape photographer, and visual artist. Follow Jason on Instagram to see more of his work – jmich78photography.