Coronavirus Update – Today, March 27, 2020


US now said to have more coronavirus cases than anywhere in the world

France – Ambulances stand by to pick up patients aboard a high-speed train in Strasbourg, France on Thursday after they were evacuated from saturated hospitals elsewhere in the region.

Italy – death toll above 8,000 – funerals banned, cemeteries are full, bodies being cremated at funeral homes

G20 leaders pledged $5Trillion to coronavirus cause

Hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer has shifted from making visors for helmets to medical visors for those fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Mormons – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Wednesday that all remaining open temples will temporarily close

Pornhub. The adult entertainment streaming giant will donate 50,000 surgical masks to health care workers and first responders in New York City. Will make its premium content free for users worldwide for 30 days “to encourage people to stay home to flatten the curve, and provide everyone with an enjoyable way to pass the time.”

European Union votes remotely for the first time to allocate millions in assistance

China sees the second wave of outbreak, resulting in closing of borders

More than 3 million people filed for unemployment

New Jersey, the 2nd worst-hit state, declared major disasterby President Trump as the number of coronavirus cases in the state soared to over 4,400. New Jersey reported 4,402 coronavirus cases as of Thursday, the second highest number after New York, which has 32,741 cases. 

US Legislators rushing back to DC to pass the $2Trillion package, having thought a voice vote was sufficient, but now requiring an in-person vote – historic package to take place this morning.

Russia to ground international flights

‘Most photographed’ Wall Street trader Peter Tuchman has coronavirus

One hundred and fifty workers at Consomed, in Tunisia, have agreed to stay confined to the facility and make masks and protective medical apparel and equipment..

New Zealand begins month long shutdown

4 Massachusetts medical schools allow early graduation so students can help in hospitals

Crocs company giving away 10,000 pairs of shoes a day to medical staff

Texas Roadhouse CEO gives his salary to unemployed employees

Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier – 280 tested positive – all 5,000 sailors to be tested

UK PM Boris Johnson announces he has coronavirus

USNS Mercy to arrive in Los Angeles

Actor Marc Blum, Law & Order, etc. dies of coronavirus

Texas orders quarantine for those coming in from NY and New Orleans, with fines and jailtime for failing to comply

New Jersey nursing home evacuated as nearly all members, staff test positive

Fort Campbell’s 531st Army Hospital Unit  – will deploy to New York today

Select Michael’s stores are delivering craft items to homes – contact individual stores

President’s Press Conference

10 major disaster declarations have now been issued

Economic recovery legislation should be voted on today mid-day – family of four $3400; small biz, payroll support for months; $150B direct aid for states, more for hospitals – expansion of unemployment

Testing available in all 50 states, in partnership with labs – 552,000 tests have been completed – data coming in to CDC. Abbott Labs asking for approval for tests at your doctors with results in 15 mins.

FDA says you can swab front of nose testing – saving PPE.

Supplies – strategic stockpile supplies going out. Working with manufacturers to build ventilators. Anesthesiologists group showing how their devices can be easily adapted for use as ventilators. 5 of 10 counties top area is in NY. If you traveled elsewhere, self-isolate for 14 days.

Record unemployment – over 3 million.

Walmart hiring 150,000 – Amazon hiring 100,000 – CVS providing bonuses and 50,000. Pizza Hut hiring 30,000.

Abbvie donating $25M for AmeriCorps

Domestic data, 19 states have low levels – 40% of country with low numbers, and they are testing. 55% come out of NY/NJ area. Concerned about Wayne Co. Michigan and Cook Co., Chicago. All hotspots are in urban areas.

Testing – 550,000 tests – 86% of people with symptoms are negative.

UK has adjusted rates from ½ million to 20,000.  Data is showing some anomalies in data and reality.

No discussion necessary about DNRs. Data is not showing we will not be lacking in treatment.

No model shows 60-70% of Americans will get infected. This is good news.

Dr. Fauci: Preparation for future – rebound or cycling to next season. Vaccine development very important. Labs will begin to make vaccine that looks like it would work, so they are ready if it does work. 

Therapies: whole menu in clinical trial. We will have some sort of therapy.

USNS Comfort should arrive in NY Harbor on Monday – dispatched 3 wks early – fully loaded with medical supplies

NIH & FDA continuing to test treatment and therapies.

$3T stimulus package will be voted on today: Most Americans will get a one-time payment of $1,200. An extra $500 per child. If you make above $75k, you won’t get the full $1,200; above $99k won’t qualify. The gov will decide how much to give you based on your gross income from your latest tax. This new package lets more people qualify for unemployment. Those who lost their jobs would get whatever their state usually provides for unemployment, plus $600 per week for up to four months. And those who aren’t typically eligible for benefits including gig workers and freelancers will be covered. Checks and direct deposit in 3 weeks. $367 billion in aid for small businesses; $130 billion for hospitals fighting the coronavirus. It is expected there will be additional payout programs.

Pornhub. The adult entertainment streaming giant will donate 50,000 surgical masks to health care workers and first responders in New York City. Will make its premium content free for users worldwide for 30 days “to encourage people to stay home to flatten the curve, and provide everyone with an enjoyable way to pass the time.”


RI approves $300 million borrowing capability

RI has the highest unemployment claims of any state in the US

Stop & Shop looking to hire 5,000 part time workers in New England area

Boston – more than 160 hospital workers have contracted the virus

RI gun ranges can open up again, out of concern for so many new gun owners without training

Veterinarians are still operating but picking up patients in the parking lot, so parents of pets don’t have to come in the building

Caterers like Pranzi and Russell Morin have seen events canceled, and rescheduled to next year – having had to lay off employees.

ACLU says RI’s action to stop cars with NY plates is unconstitutional

Electric Boat going to two shifts.

Newton, MA will open program for homeless to provide housing – to be run by nonprofit group

Barrington, RI locks down city and imposes fines – all non-residents who come in must quarantine for 14 days – no groups of 2 or more – etc.

Governor’s Press Conference

33 new cases – 165 total cases; 10 are in 50s; more cases in more populace communities. More cases in Providence and Cranston and Warwick. We know that # of cases being reported are not reflective of the numbers that are out there because of selective testing.  23 hospitalized – 9 in ICUs (6 of the 9 are intubated).

Small Biz Owners: SBA loans expected to get out as soon as possible. State is offering any business can access free tech support over teleconference or over phone – coordinated by CommerceRI – staffed by tech company volunteers – help you set up and buy equipment, get software, how to set up at home capabilities, etc. 521-HELP starting today.

New York City travelers to RI:  ½ of all coronavirus cases in America are in NYC area. Restrictions: Executive order mandating anyone who has traveled to RI from NY by any form of transportation must self-quarantine for 14 days. Also applies to anyone who has been to NY in the last 14 days. Enforcement: National Guard stationed at bus terminals, and train stations. RI State Police will be flagging down passenger cars with NY State license plates as they come into RI. You will have to provide your contact information. All contact info will be given to the Dept. of Health to track you and do contact tracing – no other reason. Will not have any effect on trucking, trade, shipments.

Testing: By this time next week, RI will be able to running 1,000 tests a day with rapid results. Today we are testing at about ½ of that. Should be moving to a 24-48 turnaround time for test results; not there yet.

Restaurant staff: do whatever they can do be about 6 feet apart. All employees should be screened for any sign of illness every day.

Textiles Network in RI – working with clothing manufacturers to coordinate making of masks, etc. If you can help call 521-HELP.

Ventilators – hardest piece to find. Anyone who can make them or have them in supply chain/storage, RI could use them.

Events – questions about rescheduling events – weeks, not months. We are a year away from a vaccine. There will be a new normal for each type of event – screenings? Seating? Last events to open will be those that depend on large crowds – for many months to come.

Rhode Island COVID-19 data is available online.

  • Number of Rhode Island COVID-19 positive (including presumptive positive) cases: 165
  • Updated number of people who had negative test results at RIDOH’s State Health Laboratories as of 3/25 (this is an amendment to yesterday’s press release): 1,262
  • Number of people who had negative test results at RIDOH’s State Health Laboratories as of 3/26: 1,366
  • Number of people for whom tests are pending at RIDOH’s State Health Laboratories: 138
  • Number of people who are currently instructed to self-quarantine in Rhode Island: approximately 2,250

Distribution of Rhode Island COVID-19 patients by sex:

  • Females: 78
  • Males: 87

Distribution of Rhode Island COVID-19 patients by age:

  • 0-19: 6
  • 20-29: 28
  • 30-39: 30
  • 40-49: 30
  • 50-59: 38
  • 60-69: 19
  • 70-79: 12
  • 80-89: 0
  • 90 and older: 2

Distribution of Rhode Island COVID-19 patients by city/town of residence:

  • Barrington – fewer than 5
  • Bristol – fewer than 5
  • Burrillville – fewer than 5
  • Central Falls – fewer than 5
  • Charlestown – 0
  • Coventry – fewer than 5
  • Cranston – 18
  • Cumberland – 5
  • East Greenwich – 0
  • East Providence – 9
  • Exeter – 0
  • Foster – fewer than 5
  • Glocester – 0
  • Hopkinton – fewer than 5
  • Jamestown – fewer than 5
  • Johnston – 6
  • Lincoln – fewer than 5
  • Little Compton – 0
  • Middletown – 6
  • Narragansett – fewer than 5
  • New Shoreham – 0
  • Newport – 5
  • North Kingstown – fewer than 5
  • North Providence – fewer than 5
  • North Smithfield – fewer than 5
  • Pawtucket – 7
  • Portsmouth – fewer than 5
  • Providence – 51
  • Richmond – 0
  • Scituate – fewer than 5
  • Smithfield – fewer than 5
  • South Kingstown – 7
  • Tiverton – 0
  • Warren – fewer than 5
  • Warwick – 8
  • West Greenwich – 0
  • West Warwick – fewer than 5
  • Westerly – fewer than 5
  • Woonsocket – fewer than 5

Number of Rhode Island COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized – 23

Over 150 women at a Tunisian plant have locked themselves in for 30 days to secure their health status so they can make masks and protective clothing for the world.
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