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Burn with Kearns: Empower your daughters for college. Self-defense this summer – Kevin Kearns

Empower Your Daughters for College This Summer – Self defense for the summer !

by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer on fitness and exercise

As your daughter prepares to embark on her college adventure, are you feeling a tug of concern about her safety and well-being? In today’s digital age, where smartphones and social media dominate, and the lingering effects of Covid disrupt normalcy, the landscape for young adults is rife with challenges. Social skills might have taken a hit, and the pandemic-induced barriers have only magnified the issue, especially considering the recent spate of attacks on college girls and women, glaringly showcased in the media.

According to recent statistics, incidents of assaults on college campuses have seen a concerning rise, underscoring the urgency of equipping young women with the necessary tools to protect themselves. In light of these unsettling trends, ensuring your daughter’s safety becomes more crucial than ever.

Reflecting on my own journey, I recall being that kid who struggled with everything from sports to self-esteem, compounded by personal losses. The journey was tough, but through the unwavering encouragement of a close uncle, I found solace and strength in Karate and self-defense. This path taught me invaluable lessons in practice, discipline, and resilience, particularly during the toughest moments.

Discipline, often underestimated, emerges as a crucial cornerstone for personal growth. Regardless of initial struggles or late blossoming, every young woman possesses the potential to cultivate both physical and mental fortitude. Many professional athletes, like Tom Brady, integrate martial arts disciplines like Western boxing and Muay Thai into their training routines, underscoring the universal effectiveness of such practices beyond conventional sports.

Self-defense goes beyond physicality; it’s about nurturing confidence and forging enduring connections through regular training. Programs like our Martial Training offer a comprehensive approach, enhancing not just physical attributes but also vital life skills such as balance, coordination, self-control, and effective anger management. These are the tools that prove invaluable as young women transition into adulthood, offering a release valve for emotional challenges they may encounter along the way.

In my classes, adults often express feeling empowered and relieved after sessions focused on self-defense and martial arts. Offering your daughter the chance to learn self-defense can be a transformative gift, nurturing her confidence and self-esteem as she tackles the hurdles of college life.

This winter, we’ve successfully launched two programs, including “Always Picked Last,” an antibullying/self-defense initiative thriving with teens in Pawtucket. This practice is rooted in real-world self-defense and our 4 S formula for anti-bullying: Speak up, Stand up, Stay together, and Self-defense as needed. Self-defense begins with mental and emotional preparation before ever turning physical, equipping individuals with the tools to handle themselves effectively in various situations.

“BWK Be Your Own Bodyguard,” our self-defense program for older teens and adults, focuses on practical strategies for both typical and atypical situations. Both programs emphasize understanding warning signs, knowing how to handle potential threats swiftly and effectively, and being aware of surroundings. Also, it is a great workout as well and can burn 900 calories or more in just 60 minutes.

And here are some key takeaways:

Rule #1: Trust your instincts— if something feels off, it probably is.

Rule #2: Stay aware of your surroundings, especially when exercising alone, by using only one earbud.

Rule #3: Use your brain, voice, and legs to navigate danger.

Rule #4: Remember the vulnerable spots— eyes, ears, nose, throat, groin, and joints—and use them if needed. Here are some self defense videos just for you.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to arm our daughters with the tools they need not only for academic success but also for navigating social and safety challenges. I’ve included some self-defense videos in this article, and I hope you find them helpful.

As a token of appreciation, I invite you to explore Coach Kearns’s book, “Always Picked Last: A Guide to Conquering the Bullies,” for further insights and strategies. Additionally, check out these complementary videos where a friend of a 14-year-old son reads excerpts from the book and interviews Coach Kearns after each chapter.

Thank you for your unwavering support. May this program empower your daughter and countless others to feel confident and secure in their journey ahead.

Sincerely, Coach Kevin Kearns

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Both of Coach Kearns’ books may be purchased on For more information about Coach Kevin Kearns, including scheduling speaking engagements and classes (both online and in person), please contact him at 508-404-8503 or [email protected].Author of “There’s Light In The Tunnel” How to Survive and Thrive with Depression  – “Always Picked Last“ A guide to navigating bullies on Amazon and Audible

Coach Kevin Kearns has been coaching in the world of fitness, nutrition, and tactical self defense for over 3 decades. As the former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pro Fighters, and ranked in the Top 5 in the UFC , he is no stranger to the the importance of proper nutrition and proper mindset programming. He has long advocated to all his clients – athletes or the general population – about the importance of programming mind, body and spirit. Coach Kevin Kearns BS FMS CPT – Former conditioning coach to 15 UFC Pros Ranked in Top 5 by the UFC Personal Fitness Coach, Author, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Youth Wellness Program Provider, Certification Specialist, Personal Self Defense, and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Specialist.

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