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Burn with Kearns: Best self-defense weapon after brain, voice, legs. Tactical flashlight – Kevin Kearns

by Kevin Kearns, contributing writer on exercise and fitness

Why a Small Tactical Flashlight is Your Best Self-Defense Weapon After Your Brain, Mouth, and Legs

In the realm of self-defense, awareness and preparation are key. At “BWK Be Your Own Bodyguard” self-defense classes and workshops, we emphasize the importance of using your brain, mouth, and legs as primary defense tools. However, we also teach that one of the most effective and versatile tools you can carry is a small tactical flashlight. Here’s why this seemingly simple device can be a powerful ally in protecting yourself.

The Importance of Your Brain, Mouth, and Legs

Your Brain: Your brain is your most powerful weapon. Staying aware of your surroundings, recognizing potential threats, and making quick, informed decisions can often prevent dangerous situations from escalating. Trusting your instincts and being proactive in your safety are fundamental principles we teach.

Your Mouth: Communication is crucial. Using your voice to de-escalate a situation, call for help, or warn an aggressor that you are prepared to defend yourself can be incredibly effective. Assertive communication can often deter a potential attacker.

Your Legs: Your legs enable you to create distance and escape from danger. Running away from a threat is always a preferred option if it is safe to do so. Quick movement and the ability to evade are critical components of self-defense.

The Tactical Flashlight: A Powerful Addition to Your Self-Defense Arsenal

While your brain, mouth, and legs are essential, having a small tactical flashlight adds another layer of defense. Here’s why:

1. Blinding Light: A tactical flashlight can emit an intense beam of light that can temporarily blind and disorient an attacker. This gives you precious seconds to escape or take further defensive action. Shining the light directly into an assailant’s eyes can impair their vision and give you the upper hand.

2. Situational Awareness: A flashlight enhances your ability to see and assess your environment, especially in low-light conditions. Whether you’re walking through a dark parking lot or checking your surroundings in an unfamiliar area, the flashlight can help you spot potential threats before they approach.

3. Non-Lethal Defense: A tactical flashlight is a non-lethal tool, making it a great option for those who prefer not to carry weapons. Its primary purpose is to provide safety without causing permanent harm, aligning with principles of responsible self-defense.

4. Versatility: Many tactical flashlights are designed with sturdy, durable materials and feature beveled edges that can be used as an impact tool. If necessary, the flashlight can serve as a striking device to fend off an attacker.

5. Ease of Carry: A small tactical flashlight is easy to carry and can fit in your pocket, purse, or attach to your keychain. Its portability ensures that you have a reliable self-defense tool with you at all times.

6. Dual Functionality: Beyond self-defense, a tactical flashlight is a practical tool for everyday use. It can assist in various situations, from finding your way in the dark to signaling for help in emergencies.

Incorporating the Tactical Flashlight into Your Self-Defense Strategy

At “BWK Be Your Own Bodyguard,” we integrate the use of tactical flashlights into our self-defense training. Here’s how we recommend using this tool effectively:

  • Training: Learn how to handle the flashlight properly, including how to quickly access and activate it. Practice using the light to disorient an attacker and create an opportunity to escape.
  • Integration: Combine the use of the flashlight with other self-defense techniques. Use it to enhance your situational awareness, and be prepared to follow up with physical techniques if necessary.
  • Maintenance: Ensure your flashlight is always in working order. Check the batteries regularly and familiarize yourself with its features, such as strobe settings or SOS signals.


While your brain, mouth, and legs are your first lines of defense, a small tactical flashlight is an invaluable addition to your self-defense toolkit. At “BWK Be Your Own Bodyguard,” we believe in empowering individuals with practical, effective tools and techniques to stay safe. A tactical flashlight not only enhances your ability to protect yourself but also provides peace of mind in various situations. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and remember that sometimes the simplest tools can make the biggest difference in your

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